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What They’re Watching In Spain – Autumn 2016
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What They’re Watching In Spain – Autumn 2016

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Updated: 28 September 2016
We take a look at some of the best pieces of Spanish cinema on the screen this autumn, including the latest masterpiece by Pedro Almodóvar – still topping the box-office in Spain nearly six months after its release – as well as some promising international co-productions. With many great releases planned for October, there’s plenty to look forward to in Spanish cinema this season.


Director: Pedro Almodóvar

The latest release by the great Spanish master Pedro Almodóvar retraces the story of Julieta, a middle-aged woman who is confronted by her past when she bumps into her estranged daughter’s friend. Learning that her daughter is now a mother herself and living in Switzerland, Julieta decides to recall the events leading to their separation by writing a diary to her daughter. The movie plunges into a prolonged flashback as we are reminded once again of how life can sometimes be so full of surprises.

Ciudadano Ilustre

Director: Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn

This Spanish-Argentine co-production is due to be released in Spain later this season after having hit the screens in Argentina earlier this month. The comedy-drama tells the tale of a prize winning Argentine author who has been living in Europe for the best part of his adult life. One day, much to his surprise, he receives a letter from his home town inviting him to come collect the prize of ‘Distinguished Citizen’ in recognition of his work. Initially eager to welcome him back, the inhabitants of his home town grow familiar with his novels and ideas, but the honeymoon period soon wears off.

La Proxima Piel

Director: Isaki Lacuesta and Isa Campo

Missing for eight years and believed dead by his family, a teenage boy is reunited with his loved ones. But, troubled with amnesia and unable to remember what happened to him over the course of his disappearance, some of those back home begin to wonder whether the boy really is who they think he is. As the young man in question begins to discover the joys of being a teenager, his relationship with those trying to protect his mother grows increasingly tense. La Proxima Piel will be released on screen later in October.

Tarde Para La Ira

Director: Raúl Arévalo

This gritty Spanish thriller premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier in 2016 and was released in Spain early in September. The film follows the story of Curro, a man recently released from prison who is determined to get his life back on track and do good by his girlfriend and son. But things soon get complicated when Jose – a man unknown to Curro – appears and forges a suspicious relationship with Curro’s girlfriend. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Maria (y los demás)

Director: Nely Reguera

This heart-warming Spanish drama follows the story of Maria, who ever since her mother died a few years back has taken care of her aging father. Much to her surprise, he announces that he wishes to marry his nurse and suddenly Maria – whose life had largely revolved around the need to look after her family – sees herself faced with the challenge to start again. But aged 35 and with no partner of her own, the prospect of life without the responsibilities she has carried so far seems scarier than you might think.

El Hombre de las Mil Caras

Director: Alberto Rodríguez

Based on real facts which occurred during the height of the conflict between the Spanish government and the Basque separatist movement ETA, El Hombre de Mil Caras tells the story of an ex-Government official embroiled in an extortion plot. Forced to flee the country, his luck turns when he meets an old friend who presents him with an opportunity to seek his revenge on those who wrongly want to see him behind bars.