What They're Reading in Spain this Spring

Check out what everyone is reading in Spain | © Flickr/Álvaro Ibáñez
Check out what everyone is reading in Spain | © Flickr/Álvaro Ibáñez
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28 March 2017

Madrid is a city for literary lovers, with reminders of famous Spanish writers like Miguel Cervantes and Garcia Lorca at every turn. However, this spring, it’s not the classics they’re reading: Spanish book lovers are mainly devouring new fictional releases by established Spanish writers. Here’s a list of what everyone’s reading in Spain this season.

Mac y su contratiempo by Enrique Vila-Matas

The newest novel by award-winning author Vila-Matas, Mac y su contratiempo takes place in Barcelona, where a young man Mac, is fascinated by his neighbor who happens to be a famous author. Although the author doesn’t pay much attention to Mac, Mac is always listening and makes a decision that will affect both their lives. Get ready for a humor-filled journey into Mac’s life.

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Mac y su contratiempo | © Seix Barral

La parte soñada by Rodrigo Fresán

Insomniacs can stay up late delving into La parte soñada, which is the second book in a three-part trilogy. Preferably, start by reading La parte inventada, the first installment of the trilogy. This book speaks of inventing, the second about dreams, and the third book – which isn’t out yet – will be about memories. In any case, reading about what happens when you can’t sleep at night and what goes down in your dreams is quite intriguing – especially if you can’t seem to fall asleep yourself.

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Como fuego en el hielo by Luz Gabás Ariño

Romantics will adore this fictional love story that takes place in the mid-nineteenth century, going back and forth between France and Spain. With all the great elements of a love story, like betrayal, lust, passion and war, Como fuego en el hielo will have you spellbound until the last page is turned.

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Como fuego en el hielo | © Planeta

Los Cinco y yo by Antonio Orejudo

If you need a bit of nostalgia in your life, Los Cinco y yo is a story of five young boys growing up in Spain, in the 1960s. The author, who grew up during the transition years from Franco to democracy, relays some of his own life experiences mixed with fiction, inspired by the Enid Blyton stories he read as a child.

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Los Cinco y yo | © TusQuets Editores

Aunque caminen por el valle de la muerte by Álvaro Colomer

People typically think about US troops invading Iraq, but in Aunque caminen por el valle de la muerte, based on real events, the author puts together a fictional story about the role the Spanish troops played in the battle of Najaf in 2004. A novel about truth and lies, the book shows that war can always be seen from many different viewpoints.

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Aunque caminen por el valle de la muerte | © Random House

Vicisitudes by Luis Mateo Dïez

At 568 pages, this 85-chapter Vicisitudes is long but well worth it. Everything seems perfect for a wedding in the small village of Solba, but the morning of the grand event, the groom, Ezekiel, disappears. When the priest speaks to each guest, the confessions start to spill out. A humorous mystery novel, this book is great for curious readers looking for a little excitement.

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Vicisitudes by Luis Mateo Dïez | © Narrativa Hispánica

La duquesa ciervo by Andrés Ibáñez

Madrid-based writer Andrés Ibáñez creates a magical, Medieval society where the main characters rebel against their castes in La duquesa ciervo. This novel combines fantasy (think dragons and dwarfs) with the world as we know it.

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La duquesa ciervo | © Galaxia Gutenberg

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