What They’re Listening To In Spain Fall 2016

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Updated: 25 September 2016
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As the weather begins to cool down and autumn settles in, it’s time to say goodbye to the sound of the summer as the new season’s releases hit the charts. Here’s our pick of the most popular Spanish-language songs to top the charts for most-listened-to and most-downloaded in Spain this fall:

Duele el corazón by Enrique Iglesias ft. Wisin

He’s back and it looks like it’s going to be another hit for world-famous pop artist Enrique Iglesias – son of Spanish singer and songwriter Julio Iglesias. Released a few months ago, the song is exploding in the Spanish charts as it continues to rank in the top five most-listened-to and most-downloaded songs of the moment.

Como la hacia yo by Ken Y

Featured on tracks by artists such as Daddy Yankee and Pitbull, the Grammy award-winning reggaeton duo R.K.M and Ken Y split back in 2013 and have since pursued their own successful solo careers. Ken Y was always best known for his soft voice and more romantic music, and this latest track’s success just goes to show that reggaeton lovers here in Spain are big fans of his style.

Abismo by Caramelos de Cianuro

Venezuelan rock-back Caramelos de Cianuro – meaning Cyanide Sweets – have been going strong since the 1990s, having rocketed to fame in 1992 with the hit Nadando a Través De la Galaxia. The band pioneered a mixture of Latin punk and alternative rock and have become household names across the Spanish-speaking world. For now, this latest hit – about a poisonous relationship finally coming to an end – is here to stay in the Spanish charts.

Cómo te atreves by Morat

Colombian pop-folk band Morat formed just last year after the band members, who have known each other since they were five years old, decided to record their first lp Sobre el amor y sus efectos secundarios. This track, entitled Cómo te atreves, or How dare you, brought the band fame here in Spain when it was released a few months ago. Over the summer it topped the charts for most-downloaded song on iTunes and is very much alive in the charts this fall.

La Bicicleta by Carlos Vives & Shakira

This playful pop-track is the work of Colombian artists Carlos Vives and Shakira who teamed up to create what has been one of the most successful releases of the summer. Despite it’s light-hearted feel and upbeat melody, some have rumored that there is a more serious message at its heart as Shakira mentions her husband – the FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué – suggesting that she may want him to leave Barcelona for her native Colombia.

Sola by Becky G

This is the first Spanish release by American singer and songwriter Becky G whose career began when she became famous online for her covers of popular songs. She has since collaborated with the likes of Pitbull, Yandel and Lil Jon and is set to release her first album entirely in Spanish later this year. You’ll be seeing more of Becky G soon as she is set to play the part of Trini Kwan in the upcoming Power Rangers (2017) film.

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