The Most Unique Experiences to Have in Almería, Spain

A Wild West re-enactment in Fort Bravo, Almeria | © Emilio del Prado/Flickr
A Wild West re-enactment in Fort Bravo, Almeria | © Emilio del Prado/Flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
31 January 2018

Visitors to Almería are offered a number of unforgettable experiences, from watching a Wild West shootout to relaxing on some of Spain’s most stunning beaches. Read on for the most unique experiences to have in this beguiling Andalusian city.

Free tapas

Tapas can, of course, be enjoyed in any Spanish city, town or village, but usually these tasty snacks come with a catch: you have to pay for them. Not so in Almería. Here, with every beer, wine or soft drink you order, you’ll receive an accompanying tapa for no extra charge, meaning you can sample a variety of Andalusian classics for hardly any outlay.

Mild temperatures

The Tabernas is responsible for Almería province being the driest area in continental Europe and for its capital being the warmest city on the continent: the annual temperature is a balmy 19°C (66°F), and in recorded history it’s never dropped below freezing. This makes visiting a pleasure at any time of year – indeed, 20-degree days are common, even in the depths of winter.

Wild West film sets

Almería’s desert has also been the setting for many classic films, including 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia and the Sergio Leone Westerns starring Clint Eastwood. For a truly memorable day out, you can visit three of the film sets that were made for the Leone classics – Fort Bravo, Mini Hollywood and Western Leone – where shootouts and other scenes from Wild West life are re-enacted for visitors.

A Wild West re-enactment at Fort Bravo, Almería | © Gabriel Villena/Flickr

A unique cathedral

Almería is not unique for being home to a beautiful Gothic-Renaissance cathedral, but its 16th-century Catedral de la Encarnación is the only building of its kind in Europe that was used as a fort as well as a church. The sturdy watchtower that can be seen to the left of the main entrance provides an architectural contrast that appears in no other cathedral on the continent.

8 Plaza de la Catedral, Almería, Spain

Spectacular beaches

Almería province is home to the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, which in turn boasts some of Spain’s most unspoilt and beautiful beaches. Playa El Playazo is the park’s most popular stretch of sand, whilst the Playa de los Genoveses and the Playa de los Muertos are two of the largest and most untamed. Bring a picnic, because there are no beach bars out here.

Playa El Playazo, Almería | © Sofia Cos/WikiCommons

Civil War tunnels

Map View
The Alcazaba of Almeria
The Alcazaba of Almeria | SvD/pixabay
Monuments or attractions relating to Spain’s 1936-39 Civil War aren’t found in many Andalusian cities, but in Almería you can visit the Refugios de la Guerra Civil, a 4.5-km-long (2.8 mi.) stretch of subterranean tunnels that were built towards the end of the conflict. Walking them is a moving experience, as it was here that civilians took shelter from Franco‘s bombs before he finally captured the city in 1939.