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Cruasanes en Barcelona  | © Wenjie, Zhang
Cruasanes en Barcelona | © Wenjie, Zhang
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Top 10 Places For Breakfast In Les Corts, Barcelona

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Updated: 6 December 2016
For breakfast in Barcelona, you can chose between salty (sandwiches) and sweet (pastries), but eggs, bacon and/or jam are MIA. In that sense, Les Corts, being a traditional neighborhood, will give you the perfect opportunity to start the day differently.
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Centre Cívic Can Deu

Can Deu is the neighborhood’s community center and the main place of interest for its beautiful modernist architecture. Besides their social functions, the center has a bar-cum-restaurant open every day, which is extremely vibrant and filled with young people, families and seniors. In addition, there is a terrace with a fountain where you can relax.

Centre Cívic Can Deu, Plaça de la Concòrdia, 13, Barcelona, Spain

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This corner offers quite a variety of sandwiches, as you may have guessed. Besides its neat and modern look, Sandviĉo is worth a stop for both its beef and chicken with mushrooms sandwiches. On top of it all, there are two types of bread (olives or seeds) for gourmets’ further pleasure.

Sandvico, Carrer d’Europa, 29, Barcelona, Spain, +34 934 94 93 29

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Family Room Café

This cozy little cafeteria is quite hard to find, yet extremely close to Plaça de la Concòrdia. It’s recommended that you go on a Saturday, so you can take your time tasting their cakes. Although they do not offer brunch per se, you can compose it yourself with a piadina, one of their wonderful juices and a muffin or a slice of cake. Family Room Café is also the perfect spot for kids who have a cute corner for themselves.

Family Room Café, Carrer de Joan Gamper, 13, Barcelona, Spain, +34 935 34 18 30

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El Cafè de les Paraules

As far as food is concerned, El Café de les Paraules offers some very tempting pastries and sandwiches, and the bohemian décor makes stopping by worth it. If you are an outdoors type of person, you can choose to stay in the terrace surrounded by plants, but it is inside, on the slightly shabby chaise longue, where you will enjoy the jazz music and romantic atmosphere.

El Cafè de les Paraules, Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 92, Barcelona, Spain, +34 628 25 34 66

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Tardor amb caliu

This café looks like a coffee chain, with a local twist. Tardor amb caliu, whose name translates as ‘Autumn with warmth,’ is highly recommended for a study group meeting; nothing inspires more like the smell of baked goods, especially when they come with nice lighting and free wifi. Also, this café is open every day and from very early in the morning, in case you want to start your day by being extra productive.

Tardor amb caliu, Travessera de les Corts 258, Barcelona, Spain

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Rus Pastís

Also a bakery, this place offers a huge space, but it is never too crowded. In addition, Rus Pastís is a bit hidden from the street, providing the perfect old-school, intimate vibe. Regarding the food and beverages, you should let your eyes wander across the large selection of pastries and try one of their freshly squeezed juices. This option is great if you feel like treating yourself on Sunday since it is open every day of the week.

Rus Pastís, BJS 1, Travessera de les Corts, 180, Barcelona, Spain, +34 931 70 04 10

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Flaires del cafè

Flaires del cafè may not catch your attention, but it is a tidy and cute little place. The manager is very friendly and helpful, and although it is not a bakery per se, it provides a section where you can buy some bread and croissants on the way home. Seniors and workers frequent the place, which is ideal if you tend to avoid trendy bars.

Flaires del cafè, Av. de Sarrià, 67, Barcelona, Spain, +34 934 10 10 84

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This café stands out from other bars on the street due to its black and modern style reminiscent of a designer loft. But do not be fooled, Quaranta is an Italian coffee shop and a delicatessen. Stop by to enjoy a strong espresso on the terrace or inside, and be tempted by the pasta and wine displayed on the counter.

Quaranta, Carrer Deu i Mata, 50, Barcelona, Spain, +34 93 419 16 10

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La trufa

If you like homemade quality food, stop looking because La trufa is everything you could want. It is possible to buy some appetizing ready-made food, or you may settle for a sandwich and finish with some chocolate. In any case, you will be receiving very friendly service. While the interior design isn’t anything too fancy or modern, the terrace is great.

La Trufa, Carrer de Numància, 130, Barcelona, Spain, + 34 933 22 25 21

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This is the kind of place that will please everyone. Besides the charming environment and friendly service, the coffee and juices are excellent. You have vegan options and free wifi, and pets are welcome too. Desitjos is a hidden gem for artsy customers that believe in the cultural influence of bars and restaurants. For instance, there is a decent bookshelf for exchanging your latest reads.

Desitjos, Av. de Josep Tarradellas, 68, Barcelona, Spain, +34 935 15 01 54