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This Instagrammer From Barcelona Will Brighten Your Day
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This Instagrammer From Barcelona Will Brighten Your Day

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Updated: 29 January 2016
Barcelona is renowned for being a creative city with a thriving arts scene. And given the growing popularity of social networks like Instagram, it’s no surprise that local artists are putting their work online. Take Carlos Toledo, a designer from Barcelona – better known on Instagram as @T_diary. His daily posts are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. His designs are mainly black and white sketches with a sarcastic or just plain funny twist.
Monday | © T_Diary
Monday | © T_Diary

We all know how Mondays feel…

Fast and furious.

The artist has a great ability to visualize feelings in a funny way – the drawings make it easy to recognize specific situations in real life.

Another perfectly self-explanatory drawing –

nice play on words indeed.

Remember the old days? Better store those memories some place else if you want to keep them…

Today’s social interaction.

True. Oh so very true…


So happy together.


Find more of T_diary’s artwork on his official Instagram account.

The hidden side of T_diary is available on his t_camera account.