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San Sebastian | © Carolina P / Pixabay
San Sebastian | © Carolina P / Pixabay

This European City Has Just Been Named Top for Food

Picture of Esme Fox
Updated: 24 November 2017

The northern Spanish city of San Sebastián has just been named top city for food, out of a list of 100 different foodie hubs.

According to a study by London-based catering company Caterwings, the Basque city of San Sebastián came out on top, when it came to discovering which was the best foodie city for visitors.

The study incorporated a number of factors, including ratings from 20,000 food journalists and restaurant critics, affordability for both visitors and locals, the number of restaurants per 10,000 citizens, and the diversity of the cuisine.

Other more detailed factors were also added into the equation, such as the amount of vegetarian food available, the quality of the street food and the percentage of fast food outlets to restaurants. All this gave each city a score out of 10 – and with a total of 8.09, San Sebastián came out on top.

San Sebastián has long been a favourite food city with both travellers and critics, and in fact has more Michelin-starred restaurants per square kilometre than other other city in the world, besides Kyoto in Japan.

Other cities that scored highly on the list were Tokyo, New York and Barcelona.

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