The Top Travel Instagrammers You Need to Be Following in 2018

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Updated: 27 November 2017
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Planning your travels for 2018? There’s no better inspiration than some of the best travel Instagrammers. From professional photographers to dessert-obsessed bloggers, take a tour of the planet with some of the best travel Instagrammers out there right now.

Daniel Kordan

Russian landscape photographer Daniel Kordan’s Instagram feed is packed with wanderlust-inducing snaps from around the world. He has a particular love of icy landscapes and travels to countries such as New Zealand, Russia, Canada and Norway to get that perfect shot. His work has appeared in a range of publications, including National Geographic and Discovery. When he’s not snapping away in freezing cold climes, he runs photography workshops.

Agoraphobic Traveller

New Zealander Jacqui Kenny, who now lives in the UK, suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia, severely limiting her ability to travel. But Kenny has found a unique way to traverse the globe from the safety and comfort of her own London home. She ‘visits’ far-flung places via Google Street View, and then takes ‘photographs’ or screenshots of the different scenes she finds. The photographs are much more intriguing and visually stunning than you might expect.

Chris Burkard

American photographer and artist Chris Burkard specialises in adventure, travel, landscape and surf photography and showcases his often dramatic images on his Instagram feed. His outdoor shots are stunning, from the magnificent Northern Lights to mid-action surf photos that perfectly capture surfers riding that massive wave. Burkard’s photographs will make you want to get out and embark on your own adventures.

Girl Eat World

One of the best things about travelling is discovering the local food, and Girl Eat World is a perfect example of a travel-loving foodie. Mel takes pictures of the food she eats in each location that she visits, setting it against a striking local backdrop. For example, she photographed an obwarzanek krakowski, a popular baked street snack, in Krakow, Poland, against the scenery of the city’s main square. Another striking shot features a Hello Kitty marshmallow from the Hello Kitty Café against the backdrop of Ninenzaka, a pedestrian street in Kyoto, Japan, famous for its tea houses and classic architecture.

Oliver Vegas

Whitby, let me know more about you! @lovegreatbritain_es #omgb #lovegreatbritain

A post shared by Oliver Vegas (@ovunno) on

Barcelona-born Oliver Vegas caught the travel bug at the age of 17, and he has been embarking on adventures around the world ever since. He has worked with international brands and tourism campaigns such as Love Great Britain and Visit Queensland. His photographs are guaranteed to inspire, and you won’t be able to stop scrolling through his Instagram.

Bucket List Journey

Just roaming the streets of #Budapest and…WHAM…there's this! #Basilica 💒 🇭🇺 #MyVikingStory @VikingCruises

A post shared by Annette White (@bucketlistjourney) on

Freelance writer Annette White decided to embark on an epic journey around the world to tick over 45 countries off her bucket list after overcoming severe anxiety. Not letting fear hold her back, White has thrown herself into all kinds of experiences, and she regularly documents the people she meets and new adventures she has on her Instagram feed.

Wander Reds

Spaniard Alvaro provides some serious travel inspiration as he documents his efforts to travel to every country in the world while working a 9–5 job. From the mountains of Bhutan to African safaris, the destinations are varied and the photography impressive. Follow this account for a daily dose of wanderlust.

Salt in our Hair

Without a doubt, the best place we’ve ever had breakfast 🥞🎈

A post shared by HANNAH & NICK ◇ TRAVEL COUPLE (@saltinourhair) on

Dutch couple Hannah and Nick travel the world and share their travelling content on their blog, Salt in our Hair. The photogenic couple is guaranteed to give you some major travel envy, but may also inspire you to head out on your own adventures. In October 2017, they quit their day jobs to become full-time travellers, so look out for even more great travels in 2018.

Paola Franqui

Franqui’s Instagram documents her travels around the world, and more specifically, the people she meets along the way. Her beautiful portraits give a face and personality to the places she visits. From people caught on the New York subway to kids playing in the street in Puerto Rico, there is a huge range of characters in her photographs that make her feed a real joy to explore.

A Matter of Taste

Katong quickly became my favourite part of Singapore 😍 #VisitSingapore #travel

A post shared by a matter of taste | Aga Kozmic (@aga_amatteroftaste) on

Polish travel blogger Aga’s Instagram feed is a fascinating mixture of quirky shots taken on her adventures around the world. She loves food, so there are plenty of mouth-watering photographs of local specialities. She always manages to capture something unusual about a destination, whether it is street art, a local street shot or a portrait.

The Sweet Wanderlust

Travel blogger Brittany Kulick combines two of our favourite things in the world: travel and dessert. Her shots of some of the incredible sweet treats she encounters on her journeys will leave your tummy rumbling and you suddenly planning your next holiday around the place that makes the best dessert.

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