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Courtesy of Mercado de las Armas, Zaragoza
Courtesy of Mercado de las Armas, Zaragoza

The Top Street Markets in Zaragoza, Spain

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Updated: 16 February 2018

The Spanish city Zaragoza is a great place for those who love shopping in local markets. You’ll find everything here from vintage and antique markets to those specialising in coins and stamps or simply huge food markets. Here are the top street markets in Zaragoza.

El Rastro

The Rastro is the city’s main flea market, which is held in the southern car park of the 2008 Expo site, every Wednesday and Sunday. Here you can find everything from handcrafts and antiques to second hand items, clothes and odd curiosities.

El Rastro, Zaragoza, Spain

Mercado de la Plaza de Santa Cruz

Another Sunday morning market is held on the Plaza de Santa Cruz. This market is a great place for visitors, selling a range of handicrafts, artwork and paintings of local sites.

Plaza de Santa Cruz, Zaragoza, Spain

Mercado de la Plaza San Francisco

The Mercado de la Plaza San Francisco is held in the square of the same name and specialises in collector’s items. There’s everything from old stamps and coins to postcards, minerals and fossils. An excellent place for enthusiasts of all kinds, it is held on Sunday mornings.

Plaza San Francisco, Zaragoza, Spain

El Mercado de las Armas

One of the most popular markets in Zaragoza, the Mercado de las Armas, is held on the second Sunday of every month on Calle Las Armas, in the neighbourhood of San Pablo. You can buy everything here from second-hand designer clothes to furniture, books, art and old vinyl records. As well as the stalls, there are also workshops, live music, and food and drink stands.

Calle Las Armas, Zaragoza, Spain

Mercado de Antigüedades

On Sunday mornings the Plaza de San Bruno transforms into Zaragoza’s best antiques market. It’s a great place to browse for treasures, from old lamps and books to paintings and small items of furniture.

Plaza de San Bruno, Zaragoza, Spain

La Placica Vintage

Held in the same place as Las Armas, but on the first Sunday of each month, La Placica Vintage is the place for lovers vintage and retro. From jewellery and antiques to books and records, you’ll find a little bit of everything here. There are also workshops, kids’ events and lots of lindy hop and swing dance.

Calle Las Armas, Zaragoza, Spain

Mercado Central
Mercado Central, Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza's Central Market in Spain | © Agustin Martínez / Courtesy of Zaragoza Turismo

Mercado Central

OK, so it’s not really a street market, but we had to include Zaragoza’s best and most historic market – the Mercado Central. It’s a grand space of columns, archways and cavernous naves, which was inaugurated in 1903. A National Historic Monument, it features a range of stalls from seafood and meat to vegetables, cheeses and those selling bakery products.

Mercado Central, Zaragoza, Spain

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