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Art Supplies |Pixabay
Art Supplies |Pixabay
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The Top 6 Art Workshops in Barcelona That Will Blow You Away

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Updated: 28 February 2017
The city of Gaudí, Picasso, Miró…what better place could there be to get some artistic inspiration and brush up on your creative skills than the Catalan capital? These Barcelona-based art workshops are a great way to discover the city in a different light and are sure to tease out the artist inside of you.
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This is one of Barcelona‘s most-forward thinking art schools and is well-known for its prestigious International Workshop which lasts a full academic year. However, not to worry if you’re seeking something less intense as Metàfora also offers short-term immersion courses in parallel with the longer courses, giving you the chance to get a glimpse of what Metàfora is so famous for. Some of the foundation courses include ‘No Man’s Land’ – a space of cultural interaction which defies conventional borders – and ‘Context, Environment and Space’ – exploring the relationship between space and art.

Metàfora, Carrer de Papin, 29, Barcelona +34 933 30 00 89

Oil paint | Pixabay

Oil paint | Pixabay

The Creativity Workshop

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to recapture that vivid sense of creativity we all enjoyed when we were kids. Combining elements of drawing, painting and photography with complimentary methods such as mindfulness and storytelling, The Creativity Workshop aims to rekindle your creative spirit and help you explore new sides of your imagination. An international program, the workshops are held in major cities around the world and attract creative professionals of all walks of life.

Held in various locations across the city

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Carpentry by TMDC

Didn’t think you’d ever be able to handle heavy machinery? Think again. This two-day carpentry workshop organised by TMDC – formerly housed inside the popular co-working space Betahaus – is designed to teach you the basics of working with wood, including how to use tools to cut, drill, polish and bind your designs. Over the two days you will construct your own wooden box to take home and given the guidance you need to feel at home with some seriously powerful tools.

TMDC, Carrer de Tànger, 33, Barcelona +34 930 17 51 13

Old-fashioned wood work | Pixabay

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The Multiple

This course introduces students to the various methods and techniques of printing – including woodcutting, engraving, lithograph and silk-screen printing – and encourages students to think about how they have influenced and been influenced by other technologies such as photography, xerography or digital printing. Using a combination of class-based exercises alongside a personal project, students will learn all the basics of printing including theoretical aspects such as the ethics of representation. Held over four days, this is a thorough introduction to printing which will leave you feeling confident to keep experimenting outside of the classroom.

Davinci Escola d’Art, Carrer de la Cucurulla, 9, Barcelona +34 933 17 26 27

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Plein-Air Watercolour

Ever wished you knew how to paint with watercolours? The Plein-Air Watercolour course organised by Paul and Anna at the Terraza Atico is a great way to learn the basics of watercolour painting, from dealing with composition to learning how to work with colours to create a harmonious palette and achieve different effects. The course takes place on their large rooftop terrace located on the Avenida Diagonal and offers splendid views across the city.

La Terraza Atico, Av. Diagonal, 519 – 521, Atico, Barcelona, Spain +34 933 21 80 53

Watercolours | Pixabay

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Shoemaking at Opcio Diamant

Yes, that’s right – at Opcio Diamant you can learn how to design and build your own pair of shoes. Students are shown how to draw their own stencils, cut the leather, put the pieces together and construct their very own footwear. With time you can even build up to creating more complex designs with heels or straps and buckles. This is definitely one of the more original workshops you can find in Barcelona and will leave you thinking differently about what you put on your feet.

Opcio Diamant, Carrer de l’Or, 6, 08012 Barcelona +34 935 51 93 74s