The Top 10 Restaurants In Almería, Spain

Pimentos de Padrón | © Robert Young/Flickr
Pimentos de Padrón | © Robert Young/Flickr
Photo of Giulia Luzi
9 February 2017

Almería, in southern Spain, is a great town to experience traditional, delicious Spanish and Andalusian cuisine. Check out our list of the top 10 places to eat.

Jamones Ibéricos | © Almeria 3940/Flickr

Casa Puga

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Spanish tapas
Spanish tapas | © Ben Sutherland/Flickr
This typical Spanish taberna is the oldest of its kind in Almería, established way back in 1870. Their specialties are anchovies and prawns, as well as their delicious vino de la sierra de la Contraviesa, a local wine personally provided by Casa Pluga’s owners. Among the curious elements that make this restaurant special are a collection of old bottles of brandy from all over the world, and a marble bar. This marble bar is given to customers to take account of their orders with a pencil, just as it was done when the restaurant first opened 145 years ago.


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Pimentos de Padrón
Pimentos de Padrón | © Robert Young/Flickr
Entremares only opened in 2012, but it’s already a mainstay among locals. This traditional Spanish bar serves mainly tapas with flair for specialty in fish plates, and octopus (pulpo) in particular. Spanish ocotpus can be enjoyed prepared in a variety of different recipes: with aioli sauce, in oil, grilled, or marraná style, with onions and tomatoes. Marraná de pulpois the most ancient version, and the one preferred by local fishermen.

El Quinto Toro

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Migas scented with orange
Migas scented with orange | © Jonathan Pincas/Flickr
You’ll find El Quinto Toro along Paseo de Almería, the main avenue of the city, just beside the Mercado Central (Central Market). Many locals consider this to be the best tapas bar of Almería. There are several reasons why: the abundance and the variety of the tapas, the quality of the ingredients, the affordable price, and the location are just a few winning factors here. There’s also the fun interior design which is themed around bulls and corridas, creating a vintage, authentic atmosphere. El Quinto Toro is always packed with aficionados, so go ahead and join the crowd to sample some of the best tapas in town.

Taberna Nuestra Tierra

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This small but welcoming restaurant is located in the old quarter of the city. Taberna Nuestra Tierra is the place to go to discover essential recipes from the south of Spain. These include: migas,an ancient dish made of crumbs of bread and spices; gachas,another ancient dish made with flour, water, olive oil, garlic and salt; gurullos,a kind of pasta typical of the province of Almería; and zaramandoña de la sierra de los Filabres,a cold salad made with sun-dried ingredients such as tomatoes, green and red peppers, pumpkin and black olives. These tapas can be paired with a glass of local wine, such as vino del alto Almanzora, vino del desierto, vino de la ribera del Andarax, and vino de Laujar. On top of the great food, the affordable price list makes this place a dream: a pint and a glass of wine with two tapas, all for less than 10 Euro.

La Mala

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La Mala is a dynamic, centrally located venue which doubles as a tapas bar and a full restaurant. Tapas are served with speed on the ground floor, while the first floor houses a sit-down restaurant with a full menu of original and creative main dishes. Though the plates are innovative, they stay rooted in the traditional tastes of the region and employ the best ingredients of the province.


Salmantice specializes in rich, hearty dishes made only with the finest local and international ingredients. The cozy, small space and the friendly staff create a homey atmosphere here. However, the food is far from a casual homemade meal: each dish is presented with obvious care and attention to detail. Salmantice is the place to spoil yourself and indulge in fine cuts of meat and fresh local fish in sumptuous Spanish sauces, plated artfully for a more luxurious night out.

Salmantice, C. Costa Balear 16, Almería, Spain, +34 950 62 55 00

Taberna Entrevinos

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Teterìa | © Mikel Ortega/Flickr
As the name suggests, this Spanish taberna is a haven for wine lovers, but foodies will be happy here too thanks to the selection of high-quality Spanish cuisine. The value for your money here is excellent, thanks to the huge, tasty portions and helpful, efficient staff. While their menu is extensive, it changes according to the season as they use only fresh meat and locally grown veggies in this kitchen. Located centrally near the main shopping avenues, Taberna Entrevinos is often crowded. If you have trouble getting a table, snag a seat at the bar and enjoy wine and tapas like a local.

Teterìa Almedina

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A teterìa is an Arabic style tea room that also serves Arabic and Morocccan snacks, mains, and sweets. Considering the Arabic influence that permeates the city of Almería, a teterìa is an essential stop on any foodie’s list if you want to experience the city’s full culinary profile. Teterìa Almedina is one of the best tea rooms in the city, especially when you factor in its amazing location on the foothills of the must-see Alcazaba. Be sure to try both their sweet and savory specialties, such as the Moroccan style cous cous and homemade Arabic desserts.

Kiosko Amalia

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Fish tapas
Fish tapas | © Daniel Lobo/Flickr
Not a typical tapas bar or restaurant, Kiosko Amalia is the perfect place to hit up after a night out in Almería. Not far from Puerta Purchena, this cute shopfront serves food and coffee all day long, often resulting in a casual, social atmosphere that’s great for mingling with locals and making new friends. If you want to try one of the best coffee drinks in Almería, order Amalia’s house specialty: the Americano, enriched with a liquor called Kola Cortails and a few other secret ingredients.

Cerveceria Karamba

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A cerveceria is similar to a pub, and it is the best place to taste some of the local cervezas (beers) while dining out in Almería. Cerveceria Karamba pairs the best local and international beers with the freshest locally caught fish, creating a winning combination for a memorable meal. Perfect for fish and seafood lovers, and for those who want to try some original tapas concoctions that can’t be found anywhere else. The staff is friendly and the price is a pleasant surprise. Try their local red shrimps (gambas rojas) and their arroz caldoso.