The Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens in Murcia City

Tree in Floridablanca Gardens | © nesimo / Flickr
Tree in Floridablanca Gardens | © nesimo / Flickr
Not everyone knows it, but the city of Murcia in Spain has a few beautiful outdoor spaces in its city centre. While there are gorgeous natural parks on the city’s doorstep, you can also find a green space to relax in without leaving town. Read on for our guide to what makes each one unique.

Glorieta de Espana

This attractive open space sits in front of the City Hall, bordered by neo-classical buildings and filled with fountains, statues and small flower gardens. It’s a cool and shady spot to sit down on a hot day, and it also makes a good starting point for exploring the city. Cross the street to stroll by the river, or walk in the other direction to visit the cathedral.

Glorieta de España, Murcia, Spain

Malecón Gardens

The largest and most well-known park in Murcia, with the city’s river running alongside, this scenic park is a great place for a run or walk, and it’s also often used as an event venue.

Calle San Pedro, 4, 30004 Murcia, Spain

Garden of the Cypresses

A truly zen spot to walk, read or sunbathe, this smaller park, attached to the Malecón Gardens, is especially nice and quiet in the mornings. As well as the cypress trees, the park has all kinds of trees from around the world.

Calle San Pedro, 19, 30004 Murcia, Spain

Floridablanca Gardens

This shady park is a city oasis during the sizzling summer months. But all year round, it’s a popular and romantic spot full of colourful flowerbeds and large, centuries-old ficus trees. The park was created in the 18th century and named for José Moñíno, Count of Floridablanca, whose statue you can see at the entrance nearest Camachos Square.

Calle Proclamación, 6, 30002 Murcia, Spain

Jardin del Salitre

Another favourite spot for locals, who really appreciate their green spaces. Jardín del Salitre is a small park with a pretty duck pond, perfect for a short walk and a cup of coffee at one of the outdoor cafés.

Jardín del Salitre, Murcia, Spain

Jardin de la Seda

The ‘Park of silk’ was built on the site of the city’s old silk factory, of which only a chimney now remains. Today, it’s a pretty green space loved by local families, with a play area, a duck pond and even an auditorium.

Jardin de la Seda, Murcia, Spain

Parque Escultorico Antonio Campillo

Even many Murcian locals don’t know about this tucked-away park, a small green space that serves as an outdoor gallery filled with the bronze sculptures of a local artist named Antonia Campillo.

Av. Príncipe de Asturias, 22, 30007 Murcia, Spain

La Contraparada del Rio Segura

If you feel like a longer walk, seek out this beautiful spot on a bend in the River Segura. Almost like an island, it’s home to a dam dating from the Middle Ages. In summer people come here to swim, but all year round you can see ducks, geese, herons and all kinds of freshwater-loving birds, plus rabbits and other creatures under the nearby pines and eucalyptus trees. It’s an easy walk along the riverbank from Murcia, and there are plenty of picnic tables here for walkers and cyclists to stop and refuel. Find it near the village of Javalí Nuevo, some ten kilometres (6 miles) from the city.

Javalí Nuevo, Murcia, Spain