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Sean Pavone, shutterstock
Sean Pavone, shutterstock

The Coolest Concept Stores You Need to Visit on Your Trip to Seville

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Updated: 2 May 2017

Seville might be a fairly traditional city in many respects, but that’s not to say it’s devoid of weird and wonderful concept stores. From clothing outlets specialising in the most edgy urban styles and leading Spanish designers, to shops that also moonlight as art galleries, cafes and bars, the Andalusian capital has a great selection of concept stores to explore.


Seville’s leading concept store is more of a mini-mall than a single shop. Situated on two floors around a bright and airy internal atrium, the latest and quirkiest fashion is displayed imaginatively on walls, hangers, mannequins and shelves. Libélula is also an art gallery, events space, coffee shop and bar, meaning that even those who usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming to clothes shops will find something with which to amuse themselves here. Even better, it doesn’t close for the interminable Spanish lunchbreak and keeps its trendy doors open all day, from ten in the morning to nine in the evening. Just as well, because this is the kind of place that shoppers will find it hard to tear themselves away from.

Libélula Shop, 45 Calle Cuna, Seville, Spain, +34 954 22 28 19 


The creative team behind PopUp Sevilla, a temporary concept store that fused fashion, beauty and decoration in a single space, has now put down permanent roots with Julietta, one of the Andalusian capital’s smartest designer clothes stores. In a space that feels sleek and modern as well as classical (think shiny white surfaces with beautiful oak beams on the ceilings), Julietta brings together Spain’s best and most innovative designers across a range of genres and styles. Situated on the outskirts of Seville’s charming old Jewish quarter, Julietta is at the leading edge of the city’s contemporary fashion scene and is a must for any fashionista visiting the city., shutterstock

Seville’s concept stores offer a huge range of styles and designers;, shutterstock


Just off the central thoroughfare of Calle Alfonso XII you’ll find the Bubble Concept Store, an ultra-trendy clothing outlet that’s sure to grab your attention with its stylish window displays. Bubble can’t quite boast the multiple attractions of Libélula, for example, but its been carefully designed as a space that invites you to linger and obviously, purchase. Its street-style clothes and accessories aren’t a look that you see particularly often on the more classically-orientated residents of the Andalusian capital, but for those who love urban chic, this is the place to head.

Bubble Concept Store, 20 Calle O’Donnell, 20, Seville, Spain, +34 954 22 43 61

Un Gato en Bicicleta

The owners of this wonderfully-named concept store – “A Cat on a Bicycle” – told Conde Nast Traveller a few years ago that it was meant to be an ordinary bookshop but that things “got out of hand”. And what a great thing that they did, because Cat on a Bike is now a leading establishment in Seville’s artistic and bohemian scene, hosting regular poetry readings, live music concerts, whatever theatre can be crammed into its modest space and lectures. Oh, and it also still sells books and comics too. If you like your concept stores to take full advantage of the “concept” label, then this is your place.

Un Gato en Bicicleta, 22 Calle Pérez Galdós, Seville, Spain, +34 955 295651

Sean Pavone, shutterstock

Seville’s shopping streets are some of the most stylish in Andalusia; Sean Pavone, shutterstock

Wabi Sabi Shop and Gallery

Wabi Sabi  – an “eco-friendly fashion concept” – is the kind of outlet you’d think would be more at home in London’s Shoreditch than in the relatively conservative city of Seville. It brings together all kinds of designer trinkets for the home as well as a range of clothing that promises to be as suitable for the office as it is for a night on the town. The brand prides itself on using sustainable products and has taken off in a big way since its much publicised opening in the Andalusian capital at the beginning of 2014. For those who like their interior design and their clothing edgy and original as well as environmentally-friendly, Wabi Sabi will not disappoint.

Wabi Sabi Shop and Gallery, 9 Calle Francos, Seville, Spain, +34 854 52 06 10 

The streets of Seville are home to a number of quirky concept shops; Son of Groucho, flickr

The streets of Seville are home to a number of quirky concept shops; Son of Groucho, flickr

La Seta Coqueta

This cute little concept/vintage store offers female fashion and accessories that will appeal to those bored by the high street chains. The fact that La Seta Croqueta is also full of interesting little knick-knacks for the house or bedroom – quirkily displayed on furniture that looks as if it’s come straight from an oversized doll’s house – means you’ll almost certainly come away with something you had no intention of buying but which, once you saw, you simply had to have. It nestles on a pretty little back street in the shadow of the beautiful wooden monument also known (for obvious reason) as the “Setas” – the Mushrooms.

La Seta Croqueta, Calle Pérez Galdós, 41004 Sevilla, +34 955 51 83 84