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The Best Yoga Studios in Cádiz, Spain

Picture of Mark Nayler
Updated: 11 December 2017
Cádiz boasts some excellent yoga studios, offering morning and evening classes with dedicated, professional instructors. And although they specialise in yoga, these centres also offer a range of other activities, from pilates to Latin dance. Read on for our pick of the best yoga studios in Cádiz.
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International School of Yoga

Cádiz’s premier yoga school prides itself on offering classes to suit every level of ability and tye of person, promising “immediate and palpable effects” to clients. Several different types of yoga are taught by instructors who are consistently singled out for their professionalism, including Restorative Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness, and Hatha Yoga. Online yoga classes are also available.

Escuela Internacional de Yoga, 8 Plaza de España, Cádiz, Spain, +34 600 84 55 95

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Pilates Centre

The instructors at Cádiz’s Pilates Centre are specialists in both yoga and pilates. Furthermore, due to the relatively small size of the school, they teach classes in which there are never more than a few students, enabling them to pay close attention to each client’s posture during the exercises. The centre also houses one of the best gyms in Cádiz, and offers cross-training classes in a separate building nearby.

Pilates Centre, 9 Calle Antonio López, Cádiz, Spain, +34 601 12 86 10

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Atlantis Yoga

Situated a few streets back from the clean sands of Playa Victoria (itself an excellent spot for practising yoga), the Atlantis Yoga cultural centre focuses on enhancing the state of clients’ minds and bodies. Yoga is the centre’s speciality and classes are offered in the mornings and evenings throughout the week. Atlantis also runs activities related to the practices and philosophy of Buddhism.

Atlantis Yoga, 43 Calle García Carrera, Cádiz, Spain, +34 615 26 42 13

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Syam Centre

The Syam Centre is dedicated to the harmony of the mental and physical within its students, and its teachers do this by focusing on the core tenets of yoga: exercise, breathing, relaxation, meditation, and positive thinking. Two classes are offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with some of the best instructors for miles around. The centre also teaches other disciplines, including tai-chi and pilates.

Syam Centre, 25 Calle Santa Teresa de Jesús, Cádiz, Spain, +34 601 37 78 32

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Salud Sport Wellness

The brainchild of two Sports Science graduates, Salud Sport Wellness offers a large selection of activities with one shared goal – namely, to foster a healthy lifestyle and well-being through physical exercise. The yoga instuctors are praised for their personalised attention to each client’s requirements, and focus on the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of their students. Classes are also available in Latin Dance, Beach Training, and Cross Training.

Salud Sport Wellness, 11 Calle Santa María Soledad, Cádiz, Spain, +34 856 15 22 40