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Yoga | © Ibiza Retreats
Yoga | © Ibiza Retreats

The Best Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Ibiza

Picture of Leon Beckenham
Updated: 31 August 2017
Beyond the package holidays and the heavy bass lines of Ibiza clubland, the island has always had a soulful, hippy vibe where people come to turn off, get back to nature and unwind. And with hedonism reportedly on the wane, the community of retreats, healers and yogis have recently taken centre stage. The clubbers of yesterday are the yoga bunnies of today, and the island now attracts the world’s finest instructors, offering retreats in the most beautiful surroundings. Here, we share seven of the best yoga and meditation retreats Ibiza has to offer.

Yogarosa Retreats

Yogarosa Retreats are exactly how you’d imagine an Ibizan yoga retreat to be. The retreat is set among the scented pine forest down a windy lane, and you stay in a beautiful Ibizan whitewashed house, with space for quietness and a pool for relaxing. The staff are friendly and accommodating, and have your every whim catered for. As with many retreats, it’s holistic in nature and focusses on good nutrition, getting out into nature, relaxing and practising daily yoga.