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The Best Restaurants In Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona, Spain
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The Best Restaurants In Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona, Spain

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is an intimate neighborhood situated on the western edge of Barcelona.Its narrow streets and small squares still retain the charm of what used to be a bourgeois residential area and the quarter offers a charming setting with several quality restaurants to choose from. Perfect when you want to dine outside the hectic city centre.
Sarrià Sant Gervasi | © Börkur Sigurbjörnsson/Flickr
Sarrià Sant Gervasi | © Börkur Sigurbjörnsson/Flickr
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Santamasa invites guests on a delicious journey through continents with its fusion-inspired menu. Its privileged location in a Gothic building from the 18th century in the main square, next to the beautiful church of Sarrià, adds to the restaurant’s enchanting character. Santamasa offers a delightful menu, combining traditional ingredients with surprising elements; choose a coque topped with smoked salmon with mascarpone or perhaps a Japanese style burger with oriental flavors of teriyaki and sesame. The restaurant also prepares three different sorts of tartars and delicious entrées from hummus to mexican quesadillas. The desserts are not wanting either; from sachertorte to cheesecake and refreshing Macedonia, there is something for everybody.

Santamasa, Carrer Major de Sarrià, 97, Barcelona

Santamasa  |  © A.Jauhola, 2015
Santamasa | © A.Jauhola, 2015
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El Mató de Pedralbes

El Mató de Pedralbes is undoubtedly one of the locals’ favorite places for eating out in Sarrià. The menu has been carefully crafted and emphasizes the best of Catalan traditional cuisine. The restaurant’s name reveals the specialty of the house: the mató, a typical dessert from Catalonia made from fresh cheese and served with honey and nuts. With fresh fish available every day and a very attentive service, El Mató de Pedralbes is worth the visit.

El Mató de Pedralbes, Bisbe catalá 10, 08034 Barcelona, Spain

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A Contraluz

This restaurant is part of the Tragaluz Team, a well-known restaurant group in Barcelona and most popular within the city. A Contraluz defines itself as a ‘secret garden in the heart of Sarrià’ that offers a seasonal menu where modern and classical Mediterranean tastes blend to achieve a ‘journey through the senses’. During the summer months, try the refreshing, cold melon soup with pesto and jamón ibérico.

A Contraluz, Carrer del Milanesat 19, 08017 Barcelona, Spain

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Isabellas is an Italian restaurant praised by the residents of Barcelona for surfing on the wave of the latest culinary trends. One thing that all customers here share is their love for food; Isabellas has become a meeting point for anyone wanting to enjoy a meal in a friendly and trendy atmosphere. Besides the deliciously spicy penne all’arrabbiata, the restaurant is popular because of the stylish decoration: the velvet chairs and sofas are Isabellas’ sign of identity.

Isabellas, Carrer de Ganduxer, 50, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Isabellas   |  © Isabellas, 2015
Isabellas | © Isabellas, 2015
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Ken is a classic Japanese restaurant in the heart of old Sarria. Originally opened more than 15 years ago, the restaurant is nowadays known as a family-run place where traditional Asian cuisine is prepared and served with love and care. The small restaurant consists of a bar and four tables with four chairs each, as well as two planks where some of the food is cooked in front of the guests. Whether ordering sushi or yakisoba, Ken offers the possibility to savor and experience a little piece of Japan in Barcelona.

Ken, Benet Mateu, 53, 08034 Barcelona, Spain

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Central Park

Central Park is a modern restaurant that offers food from 8am in the morning to midnight without closing its doors during traditional siesta hours. The restaurant features some of the best of Mediterranean cuisine from full-portion pasta dishes to lighter options like gazpacho soup, especially popular during the summer. The restaurant offers even a complementary touch of Asian flavors in some of their selected dishes. During the week, Central Park’s lunch menu turns the restaurant into a popular choice for workers from the local offices and keeps itself busy until the closing time.

Central Park, Pedro i Pons, 9-11, 08034 Barcelona, Spain

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5º Pino

At the intersection of urban Bonanova street and intimate Plaza Sarrià stands El 5º Pino, a restaurant well-known for its beautiful terrace and modern interior design. Book one of their outside tables and enjoy a meal with an extensive choice of different budget price dishes. From elaborated salads and burgers to pasta or woks, this restaurant is perfect for meeting up with friends and letting the time fly absorbed in conversation and laughter. Look out for the homemade lemon pie and cheesecake, they are both well worth a try.

Passeig de la Bonanova, 98, 08017 Barcelona, Spain

5º Pino  |  © A. Jauhola, 2015
5º Pino | © A. Jauhola, 2015
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El Vell Sarrià

El Vell Sarrià is a must try classic in the neighborhood of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. Serving local and traditional Spanish food since 1975, the restaurant proudly advertises itself as having ‘the best paella of Barcelona’. There is a peaceful terrace from May to October on the Plaza de la Villa; the Plaza itself has no traffic besides passing pedestrians and offers a calm atmosphere for your dinner experience in the old town. Worth mentioning is their wide variety of different rice dishes that are meant for sharing. Pick your favourite from a selection of seafood, meat, mushrooms or vegetables.

El Vell Sarrià, Major de Sarrià, 93, 08017 Barcelona, Spain

El Vell Sarrià on Plaza de la Villa  |  © A.Jauhola, 2015
El Vell Sarrià on Plaza de la Villa | © A.Jauhola, 2015