The Best Restaurants in Pontevedra, Spain

Loaira Xantar, Pontevedra
Loaira Xantar, Pontevedra | Courtesy of Loaira Xantar, Pontevedra
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2 June 2018

The city of Pontevedra is located in Galicia, along the Atlantic coast of north western Spain. It has a strong maritime heritage and one of the most beautiful Old Towns in the region. If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’re in luck as Pontevdra offers some of the best. Here’s our pick of the best restaurants in Pontevedra.

Viñoteca Bagos

Hotel Restaurant, Wine Bar, Spanish, $$$
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Viñoteca Bagos, Pontevedra
Viñoteca Bagos, Pontevedra | Courtesy of Viñoteca Bagos, Pontevedra

Bagos has a wide selection of wine from Galicia, other regions of Spain and European wine hotspots. Try the locally sourced produce with a unique twist. The tempura shrimp, meat tacos or the marinated raw fish are popular options. This decent eatery is located between the Town Hall and Praza de Ferraría.

Restaurante Santa Clara

Restaurant, Spanish, $$$
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Restaurante Santa Clara, Pontevedra, Spain
Restaurante Santa Clara, Pontevedra, Spain | Courtesy of Restaurante Santa Clara, Pontevedra

This is a homely restaurant with a touch of class. The Santa Clara prides itself on its homemade cuisine with that extra something. Try the speciality rice dishes – a particular favourite is the pork risotto with turnip. Also sample the original casserole or battered cheese tapas. The friendly staff here will be happy to give you recommendations depending on your preferences.

O Eirado

Restaurant, Spanish, $$$
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O Eirado, Pontevedra
The exquisite dishes at O Eirado, Pontevedra | Courtesy of O Eirado, Pontevedra

O Eirado makes you feel right at home. The enclosing stone walls are complimented with elegant hanging lampshades and parquet flooring. Exquisitely presented and unique dishes are befitting of the steeper prices. A delightful Eirado menu will dish out fish with petals, succulent meat cuts with seasonal ingredients and creative and surprising desserts.

Restaurante Loaira Xantar

Restaurant, Spanish, $$$
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Loaira Xantar, Pontevedra
Loaira Xantar, Pontevedra | Courtesy of Loaira Xantar, Pontevedra

Set in a relaxing plaza with the option to eat al fresco, Loaira Xantar is an intimate spot for a bite. The stone building, as with many in Pontevedra´s Old Town has been modernised but still features the original ceiling beams. Specialities here include the tempura de verduras (vegetable tempura) and croquetas de centollo (spider crab croquettes) or the traditional pulpo a la plancha (grilled octopus).

La Ultramar - Pepe Vieira

Restaurant, Fusion, Spanish, Asian, $$$
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Ultramar - Pepe Vieira, Pontevedra
Dine at Ultramar - Pepe Vieira, Pontevedra | Courtesy of Ultramar - Pepe Vieira, Pontevedra

This tavern restaurant, decorated with quirky elements takes locally sourced foods and adds original flavours. Well-regarded Galician chef, Pepe Viera has his name on the door here. You can choose from many of his delicacies, including Galician beef steak with parmesan flakes or mushroom omelette with wild asparagus and blue cheese.

El Viajero del Norte

Restaurant, Spanish, Fusion, Asian, $$$
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El Viajero del Norte, Pontevedra
El Viajero del Norte, Pontevedra | Courtesy of El Viajero del Norte, Pontevedra

A wood panelled, yet sleek and intimate restaurant, El Viajero del Norte serves hearty meals that you might expect from the north of Spain. Galician cuisine is plated up here, but you´ll also find some Asian fusion dishes and original takes on tapas such as patatas bravas. Be adventurous and try the prawn with South East Asian chilli sauce or the tacos of roast suckling pig and kimchi, you won’t regret it.

Casa Fidel O Pulpeiro

Restaurant, Spanish, Seafood, $$$
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Pulpo a la Gallega, Galicia
Pulpo a la Gallega, Galicia | Pulpo a la Gallega, Galicia

A well-established seafood restaurant specialising in the well known Galician octopus slices with paprika, or pulpo á feira. If you’re looking to eat fresh seafood, you´ll be spoilt for choice. Start with a plate of the traditional green padrón pepper or tortilla, then the octopus, grilled scallops, or even the mussels. There are also decent meat plates including chorizo al vino – spicy sausage marinated in wine.