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Wild swimming | © Eli Duke/Flickr
Wild swimming | © Eli Duke/Flickr
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The Best Places for Wild Swimming Near Santiago De Compostela

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Updated: 23 June 2017
Galicia is Spain‘s green region. Known as ‘the land of a thousand rivers’, it’s home to over 1,000 miles of coastline, beautiful waterfalls and relaxing river beaches, all of which are perfect for wild swimming. Here are some of the best spots near the city of Santiago de Compostela.
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A Carixa

This beautiful swimming spot is located by the River Deza, in the village of Merza. There are also green meadows, children’s play areas, a restaurant, café, and even a campsite. Nearby you can visit the monastery of Carboeiro and the Fervenza do Toxa waterfall.

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Near the town of Santomé de Obra, the long island of Remesquide lies looking like a boat rising from the water in the River Ulla. As well as the swimming area, there are a number of stone tables, benches and barbecues, and a play area for children.

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Just 10km (6.2 miles) from the city of Santiago, after the village of Son de Abaixo, lies the Chaián recreational area, consisting of river islands connected by a series of wooden bridges. As well as river swimming there is a picnic area, chess and draught board area, and a volleyball court. There is also a lifeguard on duty here during the summer.

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Playa de Vilatuxe

Also known as Pozo do Boi, this swimming area is located along the banks of the River Deza, near the village of Lalín. Visitors will find small beaches on both sides of the river bank, connected by an old stone bridge. There’s also a green meadow for sunbathing and an oak grove for a spot of shade.

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Las Ínsuas de Gres

Close to the village of Vila de Cruces lies an old Roman bridge crossing the River Ulla and six river islands known as Las Ínsuas de Gres. Swim between the islands to find picnic and barbecue areas, shady areas of oak and pine, and small walkways.

O Abeseiro de Toiriz

Found along the banks of the River Arnego, near Vila de Cruces, this natural swimming spot has both areas for adults and children. Located near the Portodemouros reservoir, the area is also home to picnic areas and barbecues. History buffs will also love the ancient rock inscription here, which has been declared a Resource of Cultural Interest.

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A Fírveda

South of Santiago de Compostela lies the village of A Fírveda, near the Serra do Cando mountain range. Trek through the lower foothills to find this stunning waterfall and two natural pools to bathe in.