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Kimchi | CC0 Pixabay
Kimchi | CC0 Pixabay
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The Best Places for Kimchi in Barcelona

Picture of Tara Jessop
Updated: 4 June 2017
Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish consisting of spiced and fermented vegetable, usually cabbage or radish. Here are some of the best places in Barcelona to get this latest trend Korean favourite.

Eating out

Restaurante Seoul

Restaurante Seoul specialises in authentic Korean cuisine including popular dishes such as bibimbap, chap-che (glass noodles), mandu (meat raviolis) and of course, kimchi. Located in the Eixample district, the restaurant is simple and unpretentious, reflecting the commitment to serving traditional Korean food prepared the way it has been done for generations. Save room for the sesame flavoured ice-cream that never fails to be the perfect finish to the meal.

Restaurante Seoul, Av. de Gaudí, 70, Barcelona, Spain, +34 934 50 26 17

A selection of traditional Korean dishes © danny O.
A selection of traditional Korean dishes | © danny O.


Located in Barcelona’s El Born neighbourhood, Mosquito is one of city’s most popular Asian restaurants, also loved for its wide selection of craft beers on tap and in bottle. The kitchen’s speciality is dumplings – steamed or fried – but their kimchi is well worth a mention, too, and is the perfect accompaniment to any dish on the menu, packing a potent fiery kick.

Mosquito, Carrer dels Carders, 46, Barcelona, Spain, +34 932 68 75 69

Koku Kitchen Ramen

Two Irish guys and a Swedish chef serving Japanese ramen in Barcelona doesn’t sound like the most obvious choice for authentic cuisine. Yet Koku Kitchen Ramen is rated as one of the best places in the city to slurp up this rich noodle soup that is all the craze at the moment. Their home-made kimchi is just spicy enough, with the distinctive fermented flavour making itself noted in the after-taste.

Koku Kitchen Ramen, Carrer d’en Carabassa, 19, Barcelona, Spain, +34 933 15 64 11

A bowl of hearty ramen © Zanpei
A bowl of hearty ramen | © Zanpei

Kimchi Mama

If you’re going to put your name to something, you’d better make sure you’re doing it well. Fortunately, Kimchi Mama does not disappoint. Tucked away in the area of Hostafrancs, this is a neighbourhood gem that locals have long known to keep to themselves. A modern locale with stripped back interior, here you’ll find authentic Korean dishes served in a contemporary style.

Kimchi Mama, Carrer del Callao, 12, Barcelona, Spain, +34 937 60 66 55

San Kil

A family-run business, San Kil serves authentic home-cooked Korean food prepared with care and pride. If prices are mid-range, the portion sizes are generous and the dishes come packed with flavour. The bulgogi – thin slices of marinated meat grilled over an open barbecue – are a house favourite, but of course, as should be expected of any good Korean restaurant, the kimchi will leave you struggling to stop eating.

San Kil, Carrer de la Legalitat, 22, Barcelona, Spain, +34 932 84 41 79

A convivial Korean meal © Yosomono
A convivial Korean meal | © Yosomono

To Take Home


While there are a number of well-stocked Asian supermarkets across Barcelona, Hankuk is one of the few to specialise exclusively in Korean cuisine. In addition to all the sauces, spices and other condiments required to cook up a Korean feast, you’ll also find a choice of ready-made tinned kimchi. And if you’re the kind of person who would rather do it yourself, you can buy the gochugaru chilli powder – a key ingredient in making kimchi.

Hankuk, Carrer del Marquès de Sentmenat, 91, Barcelona, Spain, +34 934 39 51 41

Get your kimchi to take home © Christina Xu
Get your kimchi to take home | © Christina Xu

Horno Santa Madrona

Located on the poplar Carrer Blai in the neighbourhood of Poble Sec, the Horno Santa Madrona is an artisan bakery specialised in whole-grain and sourdough baked goods. Owing to the Asian heritage of one of the owners, they also sell a selection of fresh Asian ingredients, such as tamarind as well as their own home-made kimchi to take away. Flavoursome, fresh and made on-site: this is a great compromise between making your own and buying out.

Horno de Santa Madrona, Carrer de Blai, 59, Barcelona, Spain, +34 934 41 58 59