The Best Live Music Venues In Madrid

The Best Live Music Venues In Madrid
From its beautiful architecture, manicured parks, and legacy of art and design, to its eclectic and energetic nightlife, Madrid is a true cultural capital. Whether it’s rock, jazz, flamenco, or something else entirely that you’re after, there’s a musical venue in Madrid to suit your taste. Here are the best places to hear live music in Madrid.
Madrid by night © cdelmoral/Flickr

Sala Caracol

Known for its flamenco shows, this renowned venue has recently also branched out into the world of rock music, with headliners ranging from the local to the world-famous. They also have a new program called ‘On Stage,’ in which new emerging artists can perform and build their fan base.

Sala Caracol, Bernardino Obregón 18, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 27 35 94

Sala Clamores

This jazz club has been around for over thirty years and used to be the set for a TV show called ‘Jazz Entre Amigos,’ or ‘Jazz Between Friends’. Grab a glass of champagne or cava from the extensive sparkling wine menu and get ready to hear anything from jazz to samba to folk-inspired music. Stop by on a Friday or Saturday, when the live musicians stay late to participate in impromptu jam sessions.

Sala Clamores, Alburquerque 14, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 45 54 80

Costello Club

A staple on the Madrid music scene, Costello is the perfect venue for a great night out. Aside from the top-notch live acts, the good cocktails, and a lively crowd all make for a fun evening long after the music ends.

Costello Club, Caballero de Gracia 10, 28013 Madrid, Spain, +34 915 22 18 15

El Junco

This cozy and welcoming venue is separated into three areas: the stage— which hosts Spanish performers mainly doing jazz with the occasional blues or rock band—, the bar, and a lounge area to chat and enjoy a drink. Uniquely, El Junco is open until 6 am, making it ideal for starting or ending the night.

El Junco, Plaza Santa Bárbara 10, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 19 20 81