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Gourmet items can be found all over Madrid | Courtesy of Platea Market
Gourmet items can be found all over Madrid | Courtesy of Platea Market
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The Best Gourmet Markets and Shops in Madrid

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Updated: 28 June 2017
Spain is full of fantastic gourmet foods you can sample at markets and purchase at shops around Madrid. The new concept of food markets makes it easy to snack on something and then buy some to take home if you like it. From olive oil to gourmet ham to hand cream made from saffron, here’s a list of spots you just can’t miss if you are on the hunt for gourmet items.
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Mercado de San Antón

Located in the heart of Madrid’s LGBT-friendly neighborhood Chueca, Mercado de San Antón is one of Madrid’s trendiest spots for purchasing and enjoying gourmet cuisine and products. The ground floor has all sorts of products to take home like meats and cheeses, fruit, honey, olive oil, soaps, and more. The next floor has a variety of international tapas to snack on, and the rooftop is a great spot for a cocktail and a chat. Order a gin tonic and soak in the view and the vibe.

Mercado de San Antón, Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 24B, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 30 07 30

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Mercado de San Miguel

Although Mercado de San Miguel is pretty touristy, it’s still a special experience to roam the market stalls and try all sorts of traditional food offerings. Check out the manchego cheese and Iberian ham, or get some tostas, which are small tapas on bread. Visually, the market is pretty impressive from the outside, too, as it’s the only market left in Madrid with its original iron structure still intact.

Tapas at the San Miguel market | © Lori Zaino

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España en Lata

Whereas it may seem odd to think of gourmet foods coming in a can, canned food is often considered a delicacy in Spain. Some of the best products to purchase at España en Lata are olives and other pickled vegetables and, of course, seafood like mussels or razor clams. The shop even has special packs from different regions of the country, so you can get the top canned products from Madrid, Extremadura, Murcia, or many other regions all in one special set.

España en Lata, Calle de Cuchilleros 14, Madrid, Spain, +34 91 378 79 03

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Located in the fancy Barrio Salamanca of Madrid, Platea is one of the most unique markets in Spain. Once a theater, the market has a stage and balconies where you can look over and check out the city’s most stylish locals enjoying tapas and wine over four floors. Check out the basement for international cuisine, the ground floor for traditional Spanish cheeses and tapas, and don’t forget to pay a visit to the bar on the top floor, which overlooks the entire space.

Platea food market is located in what used to be a theater | Courtesy of Platea Market

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La Melguiza

If you want something gourmet that’s especially unique to Spain, La Melguiza is a shop entirely dedicated to saffron. The only shop in the world where all their products are made from this special spice, you can find food items, cosmetics, and, of course, the spice itself – for when you are planning to make some paella at home.

La Melguiza, Calle de Santiago, 12, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 47 93 23

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The family-owned Ferpal is the place to go if you want to purchase some ham or cheese to take home to family and friends (or to munch on during your flight home). Visiting this family-owned shop, which dates back to 1971, is like a lesson in Spanish deli foods — the variety of meats and cheeses you’ll discover is astounding.

Ferpal, Calle del Arenal, 7, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 32 38 99

Cheeses at Ferpal | © Lori Zaino

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La Cure Gourmande

If you’re looking to buy fancy gourmet products like candy or cookies, this store is the one for you. The shopping experience itself is bright and fun, thanks to the vibrant yellow shop décor and French feel. If you love an artfully decorated box, La Cure Gourmande has you covered. If you make a purchase here, it should be the chocolate olives.

La Cure Gourmande Madrid, Calle Postas, 18, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 64 09 02