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The Best Gay Bars In Madrid, Spain
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The Best Gay Bars In Madrid, Spain

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Chueca has long been the go-to neighborhood for those looking for the famous gay scene in Madrid. With its revamp, it is now jam-packed full of bars and clubs, which are stylish and fabulous. With a dynamic atmosphere, the bars and clubs are forever changing. Have a look at our list which highlights the best gay bars in Madrid.
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Gris is one of Madrid’s favorite gay bars with a wonderful indie vibe. You can’t go wrong with Gris if you are after great music ranging from pop to electronica and amazing live music on Saturday nights. Whether you are going for the gay scene or not, Gris is bound to be a good night out. It’s a small bar that fills up very quickly on the weekends with its cheap drinks and friendly atmosphere. With tributes to great international bands, it’s a good alternative to the regular concert scene.

Calle San Marcos, 29, Madrid, Spain, +34 647 262 693

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Cazador is a relatively new bar in Madrid and is more locally known as a hipster bar. It’s a small place and people tend to crowd out of the bar and on to the street. It’s a great place to grab a couple of drinks before hitting the clubs and it can be a very relaxing place for a drink during the week. The drinks are reasonably priced and the music is generally classed as indie or alternative. As a bonus, the music is always on a low volume so Cazador is a great place to chat and make some new friends.

Calle Pozas, 7, Madrid, Spain, +34 639 970 916

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La Kama

La Kama is the place to go before heading over to a club. The music is loud and the energy is vibrant. Though there isn’t a designated dance floor, the bar is full of people dancing and singing to the latest pop tunes. The crowd is friendly and it’s the perfect place to meet people. Expect a queue to get in on the weekends but once you are in, expect loads of space, great service and a vibrant crowd. The staff are a lively bunch who get into the spirit of the party, so don’t be surprised if one of them jumps up on the bar and starts dancing.

Calle Granvina, 4, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 223 226

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D’Mystic is a relaxed lounge bar and is a great place to go to chat with friends and chill with a cocktail. The music isn’t too loud so it creates the perfect atmosphere for meeting people. The place is very lively on weekends with the locals who come in for a few hours before going out to the clubs. For a more relaxed atmosphere and a good night of meeting people, head to D’Mystic, take a seat and unwind.

Calle Gravina, 5, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 323 114

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LL Bar

At LL Bar, the drag queen show is the main attraction. Between 11 and midnight every night, LL Bar treats its guests to a fun show that gets really busy. Head over early for a drink, but be warned it may be empty if you go early. The e bar is a fun place to begin at for the night; be warned, you may get heckled by Spanish drag queens! On the weekends, LL Bar puts on a strip show, so the bar gets incredibly busy. They offer two for one specials on drinks before 11pm as well, a bargain.

Calle Pelayo, 11, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 233 121