The Best Food Markets in Marbella

Sean Winters/flickr
Sean Winters/flickr
Photo of Mark Nayler
3 January 2018

Marbella and the surrounding area boasts a number of wonderful food markets. Selling the freshest fish, meats, fruit and vegetables, they are a pleasure to simply wander around as well as to shop in. Here is our selection of the best food markets in Marbella.

Municipal Market

Marbella’s main food market is located just north of the old town and opens every day from 8am to 3pm. Its colourful stalls sell fruit and vegetables, meats, cheeses, olive oils, spices and wines; and, as is always the case in Spain, they serve as meeting points for the locals, who socialise as they shop. Take a coffee at the bar within and soak up the atmosphere.

1D Avenida Mercado, Marbella, Spain

San Pedro de Alcántra Market

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San Pedro is a small and attractive suburb of Marbella located about 13km (8 miles) out of the city centre. Every Thursday morning, its sanded fairground hosts a general market that sells just about everything under the sun. Its real forté, though, is fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants, all of which are often slightly cheaper than in the city.

Divina Pastora Market

Divina Pastora is a lively residential neighbourhood that lies to the east of Marbella’s Represa Park. Its market is the barrio‘s nerve centre and is just as large as the city’s principal mercado. The best time to visit is mid-morning, when the fish, meat and vegetable stores are busy with locals enjoying voluble catch-ups as they buy the weekly essentials.

Eco Market

Market, Spanish
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Marbella's food markets sell the freshest fish in the city
Marbella's food markets sell the freshest fish in the city | PaelmerPhotoArts/pixabay
An ecological foods market is held in Marbella on the first Saturday of every month. Its setting couldn’t be more conducive to browsing: the stalls are laid out in the mini tropical haven that is Alameda Park, just a few hundred yards from the sea front. On sale here you’ll find a good selection of environmentally friendly produce from local businesses.

Monday Street Market

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The largest street market in Marbella is held every Monday morning and is made up of more than 360 stalls. It’s one of the best places in the city for fresh fruit and vegetables, some of which dwarf those that you find in the supermarkets. After you’ve stocked up, there’s a bar-café near the entrance for a post-shopping bite and cold beer.

Las Chapas Market

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Shop for fresh fruit and vegetables at Marbella's markets
Shop for fresh fruit and vegetables at Marbella's markets | © strecosa / Pixabay
Another collection of fruit and vegetable stands, the Las Chapas market is held behind Marbella’s old town hall on Friday mornings. If you’re sightseeing in the city centre when it’s on, it’s well worth wandering amongst the stalls to soak up the wonderful colours and fragrances. It wraps up at about 2pm, when the vednors head for lunch and a cold beer.