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Justin Schuck, flickr
Justin Schuck, flickr
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The Best Fashion Boutiques in Seville

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Updated: 29 May 2017
The residents of Seville are fussy about their clothing and probably some of the most fashion-conscious people in Spain, so the city isn’t wanting for smart fashion boutiques. Here are the best places to head for classy yet reasonably-priced clothing and accessories in the Andalusian capital.
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Seville’s coolest fashion boutique and concept store is more of a mini-mall than a single shop. Situated on two floors around a bright and airy internal atrium, the latest and quirkiest fashion is displayed imaginatively on walls, hangers, mannequins and shelves. Libélula is also an art gallery, events space, coffee shop and bar, meaning that fashionistas will find plenty more than just shopping to amuse themselves here. Even better, it doesn’t close for the interminable Spanish lunch break, instead keeping its doors open from ten in the morning to nine in the evening. Just as well, because this is the kind of place that shoppers will find it hard to tear themselves away from.

Libélula Shop, 45 Calle Cuna, Seville, Spain, +34 954 22 28 19

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Boutique La Folie

If you like feeling more that you’re in someone’s (ultra-modern, minimalist) living room than in a clothes store when browsing for a new garment, Boutique La Folie is your kind of place. Located right opposite Seville’s historic bullring on the eastern bank of the Guadalquivir, this smart little boutique is known for selling the work of quirky, up-and-coming designers who might not be found in larger stores. Despite looking like a sort of place in which you don’t ask how much things are until you’re asked to pay, fashion lovers say the prices at La Folie are reasonable, given the quality of the designers and the materials they use.

Boutique La Folie, 16 Calle Antonia Díaz, Seville, Spain, +34 954 21 96 57

Designer party dresses are a speciality in Seville’s fashion boutiques; HauteSwan, pixabay

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The creative team behind PopUp Sevilla, a temporary concept store that fused fashion, beauty and decoration in a single space, has now put down permanent roots with Julietta, one of the Andalusian capital’s smartest designer clothes stores. In a space that feels sleek and modern as well as classical (think shiny white surfaces with beautiful oak beams on the ceilings), Julietta brings together Spain’s best and most innovative designers across a range of genres and styles. Situated on the outskirts of Seville’s charming old Jewish quarter, Julietta is at the leading edge of the city’s contemporary fashion scene and is a must for any fashion junkie visiting the city.

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Another of Soho Benita’s boutique gems is the trendy La Importadora, which sits right next door to Isadora at number two Calle Perez Galdos. One of the pleasures of shopping in this vintage clothing specialist is that if you see a picture on the wall that takes your fancy, you can probably buy it: Importada functions as an art gallery as well as a boutique. Whatever you’re after, though, the shop’s shabby-chic look, beautiful exposed brickwork and high ceilings make it one of the most enjoyable places to browse in central Seville.

La Importada 2 Calle Pérez Galdós, Seville, Spain +34 954 56 18 29