The Best Christmas Souvenirs to Bring Back From Barcelona

Christmas tree decorations | © ExposureToday / Pixabay
Christmas tree decorations | © ExposureToday / Pixabay
Photo of Tara Jessop
12 December 2017

There’s something rather magical about Barcelona at Christmastime: the sight of the Fira de Santa Llúcia Christmas market outside the cathedral, the smell of chocolate con churros in the Gothic Quarter, the sound of the choir in the Sagrada Família. Take a little piece of the Catalan Christmas spirit home with you from the Catalan capital, thanks to these seasonal souvenirs.

A caganer

Perhaps the most curious of the Catalan christmas traditions, the caganer is a small figurine of a bare-bottomed pooping man. If the origin and meaning of the caganer are unclear, one thing is certain: he is an essential part of any Catalan nativity scene. While the traditional caganer wears a white shirt and a Catalan hat, modern versions are made to represent famous figures such as politicians, celebrities and TV characters.

Caganers | © OK Apartment / Flickr


Very similar to the French nougat, turrón comes in to kinds: one crunchy and one soft. Very typical at this time of the year, turrón makes a for a great gift when going to someone’s house for dinner, or as a stocking filler for anyone with a sweet tooth. You can buy turrón in supermarkets, but for a taste of something special you’re better off buying it from a speciality store instead.

A slice of turrón | © Mumumío / Flickr


As Christmas approaches, you’ll find these sweet treats piled high in shops and specialist bakeries across Spain. A type of shortbread biscuit made with nut flour, polvorones get their name from the Spanish word for powder, polvo, owing to their dry, crumbly texture. It’s basically acceptable to eat polvorones at any time of the day when it’s the holiday season, so be sure to fill your boots.

A DIY nativity scene

Creating your own nativity scene is a popular pastime here in Spain and in the markets you’ll find everything you need to create your own. From small pieces of wood, moss and wool to create a natural setting, to motorised water pumps and hand-painted figurines, you’ll be impressed with the wide range of materials and props you’ll come across.

A Spanish nativity scene | © Weldon Kennedy / Flickr

A bottle of Cava

Nothing quite says ‘it’s party time’ like the sound of a cork popping. Catalonia is the biggest producer of the Spanish sparkling wine, known as Cava and there are hundreds of different producers to choose from. In most cases a bottle of Cava will cost a lot less than its French equivalent, and for €20 you can find a premium bottle.

Artisan christmas decorations

The Fira de Santa Llúcia is Barcelona’s oldest and most famous Christmas market, taking place outside the cathedral in the Gothic Quarter. In the market you’ll find numerous artisan stalls selling handmade gifts as well as ornaments made from local materials such as wood, leather and ceramics. Find something special to hang on your tree and you’ll be reminded of Barcelona year after year.

Handmade ornaments | © Anja Pietsch / Flickr

Moscatell wine

Give your granny something to replace her sherry this Christmas by bringing back a bottle of Moscatell wine. Made from muscat grapes, this sweet wine is traditional around Christmastime and is the perfect accompaniment to dried nuts and fruits or the aforementioned polvorones. The grapes are naturally high in sugar and give off a lovely floral aroma that evokes orange blossom and nectarines.

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