The Best Burger Joints in El Raval, Barcelona

CC0 Pixabay
CC0 Pixabay
In the past few years there has been a surge in the popularity of hamburgers in Barcelona. It began with Bacoa, which now has three locations around the city, but hot on their heels new burger bars are springing up all over. Here are a few favourite picks in the lively El Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona.

Betty Ford's

Bar, Contemporary, $$$

Betty’s is an excellent bar on a popular street, where locals and tourists mix to enjoy fine drinks and food. The menu features a range of delicious homemade burgers including a vegetarian option. Service comes with a smile from the Australian owner/chef/barman and the music always hits the spot.

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Doña Rosa Cocina Urbana

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
A simple burger can be the best
A simple burger can be the best | © Pixabay

One of the great pleasures of Barcelona life is sitting on a terrace next to the MACBA with a cold drink and watching the world go by (mainly on skateboards!). Doña Rosa is the perfect spot to do so and although they mainly offer tapas, they do serve up a plate of two succulent sliders to keep your hunger at bay including a rather delicious veggie burger and mini cheese-burgers.

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La Informal

Restaurant, American, Spanish, European, Vegetarian
Get your gourmet burger
Get your gourmet burger | © Pexels / Pixabay

If you’re serious about your burgers be sure to check out La Informal, who specialise in gourmet burgers with a tantalising selection of meats, toppings and breads from which to choose. While some of the combinations are quite classic, others show a sense of imagination and culinary adventure – think a pork meat burger with caramelised onions and Brie cheese. Just like at the above mentioned Doña Rosa, the people-watching is fantastic from the terrace.

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Bar, Restaurant, Pub Grub, Spanish
Slow food and craft beer
Slow food and craft beer | Courtesy of Chivuo's

Chivuo’s is a small chain that do, in their own words, slow street food and craft beer. And that is exactly what you get. Their house beer, brewed for them by Garage Brewing, is a hoppy delight that pairs well with the juicy cheeseburger that they serve. Also on the menu are pulled pork sandwiches and philly cheesesteaks amongst other things.

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Restaurant, Bar, Charcuterie, Spanish
A choice of burgers
A choice of burgers | Courtesy of El Club de la Hamburguesa

Elisabets remains an old-school tapas bar amongst all of the modernisation of Barcelona. Whilst they are best known for tapas, they also serve good, classic hamburgers to which you can add cheese and bacon if that’s your thing. This is by no means a trendy burger joint and is still very much frequented by locals which only adds to its old-fashioned charm and atmosphere.

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El Club de la Hamburguesa

Restaurant, Hungarian, Japanese, Argentina
A choice of burgers
A choice of burgers | Courtesy of El Club de la Hamburguesa

El Club de la Hamburguesa offers a small, cosy dining room, good craft beer and a large selection of interesting burgers, named for countries. The Japanese (with wasabi mayo) and the Argentine (with chimichurri mayo) come highly recommended. As you can guess from the name, burgers are very much what they pride themselves on while the service is very friendly and a meal here won’t break the bank.

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A Tu Bola

Restaurant, Fusion, Fast Food, Vegetarian

While not technically hamburgers, the concept at A Tu Bola is to serve a choice of delicious ball-shaped preparations served in bread, so they rate rather close enough. There is a choice of beef, chicken, pork, prawn or two vegetarian options, all cooked to order in an open kitchen. The restaurant is small so there may be a wait for a table but it is well worth it.

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Mamy Ildy

Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, Hungarian, Vegetarian, $$$
Top it with cheese and bacon CC0
Top it with cheese and bacon CC0 | Pixabay

Mamy Ildy is a self-described ‘burger bar’ which serves good, honest burgers and excellent fries. Along with the classics, they also make delicious yuca burgers for vegetarians. The meat burgers come with rather large, juicy patties, cooked to order and piled with cheese and crispy onion rings. The service is always friendly and the cocktails make the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

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