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Tapas | © Ben30/Flickr
Tapas | © Ben30/Flickr
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The Best Breakfast Spots In Seville's Nervion Neighborhood, Spain

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Updated: 17 November 2016
Nervion’s central location and buzzing streets housing pubs, bars, shops or restaurant make it one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seville. Its top attractions take tourists through mysterious and historic streets, enchanting them with statues, churches and monuments. Oh, and there are some darn fine breakfasts spots to boot. Check out the best restaurants in which to start your day in Nervion.
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GS Tapas

Ideally located in the heart of Seville‘s Nervion, GS Tapas is a chic spot which offers a lovely ambiance and, more importantly, an excellent tapas menu, which makes for a perfect brunch. A quick glance at their menu makes everyone want to order everything. With a touch of originality, perfect breakfast and brunch choices and an excellent quality to price balance, this restaurant features an incredible outside patio and an accessible parking lot, making it appropriate for intimate gatherings, as well as group meetings.

Address: GS Tapas, Avd San Francisco Javier, n 9, Seville, Spain, +95 46 35 551

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Nueva Enramadilla

Magnificent and varied tapas make this place a popular hang-out. A cozy atmosphere in the heart of Seville, professional service and traditional Andalusian tapas welcome guests at Nueva Enramadilla every day of the week. A quintessential Sevillan tavern, this venue has a distinctive vibe.

Address: Nueva Enramadilla, Calle de José Recuerda Rubio, 4, Seville, Spain, +34 954 651 480

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La Despensa der Fede

This tiny venue is a family-owned business, opened in 2008. The restaurant’s philosophy is clear and precise; to make their food taste as good as a mother’s home-made cooking. They have clearly succeeded, as La Despensa is typically packed from morning to night right throughout the week.

Address: La Despensa der Fede, Calle Beatriz de Suabia, 6, Sevilla, Spain, +34 954 63 25 27

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Presente Perfecto

Presente Perfecto’s exterior is inviting, and diners get the feeling that the experience will be an unforgettable one from the get go. Located in the heart of Seville, Presente Perfecto features a comfortable vibe and amazing products, all oriented towards a customer based that appreciate quality home-made food.

Address: Presente Perfecto, Calle Espinosa y Cárcel, 16, Seville, Spain, +34 626 012 633

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El Comercio

El Comercio has quite a long history, having been open since 1904 and having served as a bar, a small hotel and a restaurant. Today, the venue boasts Seville’s best churros con chocolate, plump and cooked to a perfect golden crispiness, while remaining soft and doughy inside. The restaurant’s interior is reminiscent of older times, and feels authentic, featuring lots of mosaic tiling and wood. The atmosphere is calm and quiet, which makes it ideal for grabbing a quick bite for breakfast or brunch.

Address: El Comercio, Calle Lineros, 9 Seville, Spain, +34 954 221 877