Where To Drink Craft Beer In Seville, Spain

Taps ready to flow
Taps ready to flow | Courtesy Maquila Bar
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3 October 2016

Seville has long been the home of Cruzcampo, the best or the worst beer on the face of the planet, depending on who you ask, or how thirsty you are. With a wonderful tradition of ‘old man bars’ serving cold beer in this beautiful Andalusian capital, Seville also welcomes the craft beer scene. Here’s our guide to some of the best spots in Seville to enjoy a craft beer.

Red House Art and Food

Cafe, Vegetarian, $$$
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Red House Art and Food stocks an impressive and varied menu of bottled Spanish craft beers, while also rotating a host of delicious local brews through two taps. At Red House you can sample Cantabrian brewer DouGall’s finely balanced pale ale or, for an even more local taste, the foamy APA from Cartujana. The vibe is contemporary deconstructed art house cafe complete with exposed pipes, concrete floors, mismatched furniture and huge shared tables. A light menu of sandwiches, salads and dessert is also available.

Maquila Bar

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Taps ready to flow
Taps ready to flow | Courtesy Maquila Bar
Maquila Bar is Seville’s only brewpub. On site, they brew Son beer, an artisanal brand that hails from nearby Cordoba. Alongside Son’s offerings –which include an amber ale, a pumpkin ale and a porter – Maquila pulls pints of beer from other great Spanish brewers like Populus and La Pirata. To absorb the heavyweight beers on tap – some contain upward of six percent alcohol – is an impressive and tasty menu typical of the gastropub genre, but with a distinctly Andalusian touch.

La Jerónima

Calling itself a cultural space focused on the intersection of beer and books, La Jerónima invites you to ‘read our beers and drink our books.’ Part library stocked with beautifully made one-off and small-press publications, La Jerónima also features a menu of beers from Andalusia. You can sample one of the beers that rotate through their three taps, or one of the 30 varieties in bottles. For a hot day, a bottle of refreshing Zura Golden Ale is a real treat; for a rainy evening in November a Califa Sultana Stout will warm you from the inside out. A small menu of tapas provides something to munch on.

La Jerónima, Calle Jerónimo Hernández, 14, Seville, Spain

Gallo Rojo, Factoría de Creación

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The kitchen-like bar at Gallo Rojo
The kitchen-like bar at Gallo Rojo | Courtesy Aine McGlynn
Gallo Rojo serves a number of selections from Abril Cervezas, a Seville based artisanal beer maker that brews out of a cooperative called Tertulia. The space is airy, the beer is bubbly and the atmosphere is creative. Tapas are also on hand for when you need to soak up all the hops. If you want to make your own beer, Abril Cervezas runs workshops at Gallo Rojo.

Beodo Craftbeer

Beodo is a smart locale in the Alfalfa district. It blends the neo-American aesthetic of hand cut fries and house made burgers with eclectic design inspired by 70s American kitsch. The sizable offering of bottled craft beers from around Spain and the world is listed in wall mounted illuminated movable-type signs. With big high tables, it’s great for a great venue for groups. The food is eclectic and substantial and the five rotating beers on tap include everything from Seville’s own Cartujana to Norway’s effervescent Lervig Saison.

Beodo Craftbeer, Calle Pérez Galdós, 22, Seville, Spain, + 34 954 22 96 84

Beer's on offer at Beodo. Courtesy Aine McGlynn

Beers on offer at Beodo | Courtesy Aine McGlynn

Cervecería Internacional

The ‘Padrino‘ of beer variety in Seville, Cervecería Internacional is a longstanding local institution. Its charming website hasn’t changed a pixel since 1996, but offers an in-depth look at the components, processes, and methods involved in making all types of beers. These guys are serious about beer, and the 15 beers on tap and more than 250 bottled brands are a testament to their passion. A menu of traditional Andalusian tapas is perfect to fortify you for the next hefeweizen.

Cervecería Internacional, Calle Gamazo, 3, Seville, Spain, +34 954 21 17 17


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Hops | © Hagen Graebner/WikiCommons
If you prefer to drink your craft beers from the comfort of your terrace with your feet up on the balcony, pop into Lupulópolis on your way back from the market at Las Setas. Lupulópolis takes its name from the Spanish word for hops and has a very good selection of one offs, small batches and artisanal beer from all over Spain. If you’re not sure whether you want a six pack of Espiga Pale Ale or Kettal’s El Trillo, you can take a spot on a stool and taste one of each before you commit.

La Linterna Ciega

With Weihenstephaner on tap and two additional taps serving up a rotating range of artisanal beer and a sizable selection of craft beers in bottles, La Linterna Ciega is a go-to for a nice blend of foamy suds. There’s also creative tapas inspired by the chef’s Italian great-grandmother. The cozy space is cleanly designed, inviting and fits in with the increasingly hipster alleyway that Calle Regina has become. Friendly staff from Spain, Germany and Italy are on hand to put you on the righteous road to beer appreciation.

La Linterna Ciega, Calle Regina, 10, Seville, Spain, +34 854 52 10 21

Linterna Ciega Team Courtesy Aine McGlynn
Linterna Ciega Team | Courtesy Aine McGlynn


If you find yourself on the eastern side of the river wandering around Triana, and get thirsty for a hoppy IPA or a citrusy hefewiezen, check out this mainstay of artisanal beer. Al-Andalus pulls pints of delicious international beers including, Grimbergen, Bulldog and Chouffe. In bottles they carry all the best regional beers from Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz and Seville. The kitchen serves traditional tapas with a creative twist and like all great local bars in Seville, in spring there’s a hot bowl of caracoles perfectly cooked in garlic and olive oil are ready to slurp.

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