The Best Korean Restaurants In Madrid

Korean lunchtime | © watchsmart / Flickr
Korean lunchtime | © watchsmart / Flickr

Korean gastronomy has grown in popularity across Europe in the last few years, renowned for its rich flavors and for being a relatively healthy option. When staying in the Spanish capital Madrid, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from get the best of Korea in a few bites. Read on for our guide to the best restaurants to discover the spicy taste of Korea, in Spain.

Korea Restaurant

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Tteokbokki | © Alpha/Flickr
With a name that couldn’t be easier to remember, Korea Restaurant is a great way to go on a gastronomic voyage to Asia without leaving Spain. This warm and welcoming venue is decorated with paper lamps and traditional masks. A rustic touch is brought by the wood tables where you can expect to be served a hearty portion of healthy but spicy kimchi. Don’t hesitate to order the delicious mandu either, these are Korean dumplings at their finest.


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Kimbap | © jqn/WikiCommons
This restaurant is a suitable place to treat a special someone, or if you want to celebrate with friends. Go during lunch and take advantage of their freshly prepared mid-day menu. Their speciality is the tempura chicken, bulgogui (grilled marinated beef), and for dessert, a fresh sesame ice cream. Arisu Restaurant also offers the option to watch how they make your dishes.


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vegetarian bibimbap
vegetarian bibimbap | © Stacey Spensley / flickr
Dimibang does not only feature Korean cuisine, but adds some Japanese favorites onto the menu too. You will find the most delicious sushis and bibimbaps in the city. The name of the restaurant is based on the book Umsik Dimibang, written by Lady Jang from the Joseon Dynasty. The author of this book was the first woman to create a compendium of Asian cooking and the work dates back roughly 340 years. Inspired by this pioneering gastronome, the restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere where you will be able to experience authentic flavors of Asia.

Seoul Restaurant

Restaurant, Korean, Asian, Vegetarian
Hanjungsik | © Republic of Korea/Flickr
This busy restaurant has been serving traditional Korean fare to Madrileños for over 10 years. Seoul Restaurant was one of the first places to bring to Spain an iconic feature of South-Korean dining, the grill-table. Indulge with some delicious appetisers such as the kimchi or seaweed salad. After that tuck into a fiery plate of the anchangsal (spicy grilled beef meat) accompanied by some chapche (sweetpotato noodles). To finish, don’t forget to order a yuchaslush, a refreshing citric granita which will help you fight off the hot temperatures of Spain.


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Maru Restaurant brings an authentic dinning experience, complete with the DIY grill-tables. Add a little soy sauce, gochujang (fermented red chili paste) and garlic to your grilled meat to enhance the flavor. Place everything in a cabbage leaf, close the leaf and bite in. Fresh, spicy, and crunchy. Absolutely daebak (that means fantastic in Korean for those of you who don’t know).

Han Gang

Restaurant, Korean, Asian, Vegetarian, $$$
Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ | © suksim/WikiCommons
Restaurant Han Gang’s name is a reference to the impressive Han River of Seoul. This restaurant is located in one of the busiest streets in Madrid, Atocha. After visiting the Reina Sofía Museum, this place will heal your body with its nourishing dishes, and give you the energy you need to continue your walk though the city center and Puerta del Sol. On a hot summer day in Madrid, order a refreshing bowl of mul naengmyun, a cold Korean noodle soup.


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Enjoy a Glass of Soju at Dadam
Enjoy a Glass of Soju at Dadam | © Graham Hills/Flickr
This modest restaurant offers a great selection of classic Korean dishes and excellent sushi. With their very competitive prices, Dadam is the perfect option to bring a friend or two for an affordable night out. End the night by trying some Korean beer or even a glass of soju, an alcoholic drink usually distilled from sweet-potato. Because of the restaurant’s small size and its popularity amongst Asian people looking for an authentic taste of home, don’t be surprised if you end up making some new friends.


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Noodles with black bean paste[Jajangmyeon
Noodles with black bean paste[Jajangmyeon | © Chloe Lim / Flickr
Mashita is a informal and casual Korean restaurant where you will find all kinds of delicious Asian dishes to try. The white walls of this place have gathered some graffiti and scribbling by its clients. Try writing “마드리드 사랑해”(I love Madrid) to leave your own mark of your visit, after tasting some kimbap (a Korean roll of steamed rice wrapped in seaweed) or classic sushi. In addition, you can get your order to take away and enjoy your teriyaki chicken or kimchi on any corner of Madrid. By the way, Mashita means delicious in Korean.

A Ri Rang

A Ri Rang is another solid option. it’s name is based on a Korean folk song called Arirang know as the hymn of Korea and even submited to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity program by UNESCO. A Ri Rang offers the option to order as a buffet with plenty of dishes to select from. In a comfortable and friendly environment, you will feel at home.

A Ri Rang, nº 10 Calle Bola, Madrid, Spain +34 910 29 82 60

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