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Night view of Murcia | ©
Night view of Murcia | ©
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The Best Brunch Spots In Murcia, Spain

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Updated: 31 October 2016
Founded by Emir Abd ar-Rahman II of Cordoba in 825, the kingdom of Murcia has historically followed the ebbs and flows of Spanish history, becoming a cultural melting pot and now Spain’s seventh largest city. We’ve selected the best places to stop for brunch while you’re here.
Spanish cheese and ham tapas sandwich| ©Juan Fernandez/Wikipedia
Spanish cheese and ham tapas sandwich | ©Juan Fernandez/Wikipedia
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Cafeteria Bar Charly

Located on the edge of Murcia’s town center, Cafeteria Bar Charly is well known for its tapas platters which are served at all times of the day. The menu features a wide selection of tapas which are made using a variety of meats, cheeses and vegetables; all displayed with a degree of simplicity that will make you want to try as many of them as possible.
Ronda de Garay, 23, 30003 Murcia, Spain,+(34)968217416

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El Jumillano

Using the freshest produce available in order to make some of the best tapas in Murcia, El Jumillano restaurant embodies the best of Spanish cuisine. This is a family run business with a warm atmosphere and quality food at its heart. Brunch options are incorporated in the wider tapas menu as in many Spanish restaurants, making it easy to combine different options to create the perfect breakfast or brunch.
Calle Luis Fontes Pagan, 4, 30003 Murcia, Spain,+34 968 34 55 17

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Vox Populi Gastromercado

The Vox Populi Gastromercado is one of Murcia’s best and most well-known tapas restaurants both for the presentation and quality of its tapas, a variety of authentic Spanish dishes that include a range of breakfast tostadas. What really sets this place apart from its rivals too is its attention to detail.
Calle San Cristóbal, 3, 30001 Murcia, Spain, +34 968 21 97 57

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LimaLimón Bistro

Although it is situated out of the city center, the LimaLimón Bistro has gained followers thanks to its authentic dishes made with fresh and seasonally selected produce. The bistro’s menu features a variety of dishes with both Spanish and international influences.
Calle Fuensanta, 5 · 30001 Murcia,+34 968 96 73 06

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Socola offers an array of coffees and baked products for visitors to enjoy breakfast or brunch, Spanish style. Located in the heart of Murcia’s city center, this bakery is a recommended option for anyone who would like to enjoy a light meal in a homely atmosphere.
30003, Calle Mariano Vergara, 5, 30003 Murcia, Spain,+34 868 97 25 89

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Café Martinez

Café Martinez is a café that provides a specialist variety of hand-crafted coffees alongside some delicious pastries. The elegant décor makes this a great place to enjoy breakfast in style.
Plaza Da Santo Domingo, Murcia, Spain,+34 9682-22220

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Las Mulas

Located in the centre of Murcia, a short walk away from the city’s cathedral, Las Mulas has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best places to eat in the city. The restaurant makes the most of the typical tapas-style approach to dining and offers a selection of charcuterie and cheese platters for a traditional breakfast option.
Calle Ruipérez, 5, 30004 Murcia, Spain, +34 968 22 05 61

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Bulevar Café

By night, the Bulevar café is one of Murcia’s vibrant nightlife venues, attracting mostly a student clientele. By day, Bulevar takes on a new identity as a quiet café offering a variety of breakfast treats and quality coffee.
Paseo Duques de Lugo, 30009 Murcia, Spain, +34 968 29 56 89

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Café Drexco

Café Drexco offers a variety of breakfast options including croissants and other pastries, cakes, sandwiches, and toast with a range of preserves, all of which have been prepared on the premises. The bread used for the sandwiches and toast is freshly baked.
Calle Trapería, 26, 30001 Murcia, Spain, +34 968 21 95 95