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Spanish Cookbooks © Valerie Hinojosa/Flickr
Spanish Cookbooks © Valerie Hinojosa/Flickr
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Spanish Cookbooks You Need In Your Kitchen

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Updated: 2 December 2016
Spain has a varied culinary landscape, from rice dishes in Valencia to hearty stews found inland. For those cooks with a love of Spanish cuisine, cookbooks are a great way to explore the exquisite flavors of the country in your own home. Grab one of these Spanish cookbooks and start creating your own incredible dishes today.

1080 Recipes

If there is only one Spanish cookbook in your kitchen, make it ‘1080 Recipes.’ Written by Simone Ortega and her daughter Inés, this cookbook is the ultimate guide to Spanish cuisine. ‘1080 Recipes’ offers everything from appetizers to desserts, and is complete with photographs and illustrations.

1080 Recipes
1080 Recipes | © Jason Lowe

Charcutería: The Soul of Spain

Charcutería: The Soul of Spain‘ is a unique cookbook which focuses on authentic Spanish pork butchering and meat-curing techniques. In this book Jeffrey Weiss, a professional chef, shares his experiences learning about the cuisines of Spain and the native folks who helped him along the way. ‘Charcutería’ features over 100 authentic Spanish recipes from all over the country, plus illustrations and beautiful photography.