The Best Ice Cream Parlors In Madrid

Photo of Sonia Cuesta de Andrés
29 September 2016

In Spain, the locals love when summer comes and the ice cream parlors start opening. Ice cream is a great way to beat the Spanish heat, along with horchata (a milk-like drink usually made from tiger nuts or chufas) and granizado de limon (a lemon slushy). Here we explore the best places to cool off and grab something sweet and delicious in Madrid.

Ice Cream | © Cherish/Flickr

Los Alpes

The name of Los Alpes is apt for a place whose aim is to cool visitors down. Here the ice cream and horchata are artisanal, as they have been for 50 years. The original owner of Los Alpes was an Italian who came to Madrid over 60 years ago and the locale is now run by his family, who maintains the same, delicious Italian-style gelato to this day. It has an extensive array of flavors, from lemon and blueberries to pistachio and arroz con leche, a typical Spanish dessert.

Blueberry Ice Cream | © LilianaFuchs/Flickr

Heladeria Giuseppe Ricci

Heladeria Giuseppe Ricci has adopted an Italian name in order to reference the quality of their ice cream, which is made in an expert, Italian style. Apart from the usual delicious flavors, they have created soy ice creams so that visitors with lactose intolerance are also able to enjoy one of the best things about summer. Apart from this light calorie option, they also have delicious fruit flavors which are made with at least 30 per cent fruit.

Fruit Ice Cream | © JessicaMerz/Flickr


After wandering around the Retiro on a warm summer day, there is nothing better for overheated visitors than a stop at Sienna. They serve traditional Spanish flavors (almond, chocolate, tangerine) on top of some exciting options, such as cava ice cream. They also serve horchata, granizado de limon, and tasty frozen cakes, perfect for those who have already had their fill of ice cream. They have a special flavor of the month which showcases their latest creations, made with the best ingredients, which is well worth looking out for.

Almond Ice Cream | © MicheleUrsino/Flickr

La Romana

La Romana first opened its doors in the 1940s, and is consistently gaining clients thanks to its delicious homemade ice creams, which are made daily with the freshest ingredients. Run by the Italian Zucchi family, they have incorporated their traditional flavors in the Spanish capital. Visitors will love their sweet wine ice cream, zabaglione, or the pistachio ice cream, made with pistachios that are imported directly from Sicily. Their fruit ice creams are all made with organic Spanish fruit, and the vintage décor gives the final touch that ties everything together to make for a successful locale.

Pistachio Ice Cream | ©Ieeno/Flickr


The production process at Napoli is a traditional Italian one, infusing the flavors with a richness that is difficult to find elsewhere. What is particularly special about this parlor is that they have gone above and beyond to create a unique list of flavors that visitors will only be able to enjoy here. Some examples of their quirky ice creams are olive oil, ketchup, violet petals, figs and mascarpone or Belgian beer, perfect for the adventurous.

Violet Ice Cream | © InaTodoran/Flickr


This ice cream parlor will make environmentally aware travelers happy. Everything is not only homemade, but they go a step further to ensure that they are supporting local agriculture and polluting less by buying all of their milk, cream and yogurt from a small farm on the outskirts of Madrid. They do not use artificial ingredients, preservatives or thickening agents, so everything is completely natural. Their flavors will not disappoint either, as they have lush dark chocolate, heavenly dulce de leche and decadent Bailey’s ice creams.

Dulce de Leche | © PhilipFibiger/Flickr


Situated in the trendy Chueca neighborhood, Labonata serves a good variety of cool, refreshing foods to fight the intense heat that visitors can sometimes experience in Madrid. Frozen yogurt, can also be ordered here, and visitors are sure to get the real deal. Other options are Greek yogurt, calipos (similar to ice lollipops) and fun ice creams. The one with galletas Maria, a quintessential Spanish biscuit, is particularly recommended.

Frozen Yogurt | © AnnaBanana/Flickr

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