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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Madrid
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The Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Madrid

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Madrid as a city has so much to offer to its residents and its guests. And lately that also includes a growing scene of vegetarian restaurants. We explore the best vegetarian restaurants in the Spanish capital.
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El Restaurante Vegetariano

This vegetarian restaurant is a small and cosy bistro located in the middle of Malasaña, which is an eclectic and colorful neighborhood found in the center of Madrid. El Restaurante Vegetariano have been cooking since 1981 and their dishes are completely homemade. The food on the menu is ovo-lacto vegetarian which means they elaborate their dishes with egg and milk products.

Calle del Marqués de Sta Ana, 34, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 32 09 27

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Restaurante Viva Burger

Viva Burger restaurant is located within the Latin district of Madrid. The eye-catching design on the outside of the restaurant will draw you in. Inside, the décor is eclectic, artistic, rustic and informal. The vegetarian burgers are the restaurant’s asset. The staff at the Viva Burger restaurant are very helpful and friendly, making this restaurant highly recommended for vegetarians.

Costanilla de San Andrés, 16, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 66 33 49

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Yerbabuena is located next to the Plaza de Sol in Madrid. It is an excellent and delightful restaurant for vegetarians as there are a lot of options to choose from. You have the option of the set menu for lunch at a total of 13 euros. The restaurant offers great prices all around with generous portions on the plate.

Calle de Bordadores, 3, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 48 08 11

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Al Natural

The setting of the Al Natural Restaurant is lovely and intimate. The quality and presentation of the vegetarian food is to high standards. The staff are friendly and are more willing to help with inquiries about the food available on the menu. It will feel like you are eating in a typical Spanish restaurant with the wonderful old style walls, ceiling, and décor.

Calle de Zorrilla, 11, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 694 709

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Artermisa is an excellent vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Madrid. There is a good variety on the menu and all of the options are delicious. Large portions are served and priced reasonably at this restaurant. The vegetarian lasagna is a highly recommended dish by many customers and all ingredients are fresh, with a large percentage of them being organic.

Calle Ventura de la Vega, 4, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 29 50 92