The Best Restaurants in Madrid

Photo of Talitha Duncan-Todd
9 February 2017

Spain‘s capital, Madrid is a beautiful city offering lots of restaurants to take your pick from. A spectacular dining experience is always had at the beautifully designed Spanish restaurants with their high quality service. Take a look at our guide to discover the best restaurants in Madrid.

Madrid | © Jose Maria Cuellar/Flickr

Casa Lucio

Casa Lucio is one of the best restaurants in Madrid. It has historical story to tell. Casa Lucio has a delicious make on traditional Spanish food and a great selection of dishes to choose from the menu. The key to Lucio’s glory is the use of a coal-fired oven and the best olive oil. Be sure to make a reservation and ask for a table on the first floor. And also be aware of the famous patrons that may stop by. King Juan Carlos, Bill Clinton and Penélope Cruz may be among them.
Calle Cava Baja, 35, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 65 32 52

La Bola Taberna

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La Bola is located on a quiet backstreet. This dignified, classic Madrid restaurant is considered by many to be the home of cocido, the huge and hearty stew the locals love. It sure is a test for the biggest of appetites. La Bola is still run by the same family that founded it in the 19th century, and the cocido, which is only served at lunchtime, is still cooked traditionally in earthenware pots on a wood fire. The restaurant is recommended by many hotels in the local area because of its authentic Spanish dining experience.

El Sobrino De Botín

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The world’s oldest restaurant is still coming up with the goods after nearly 300 years of opening. It is a popular tourist destination in Madrid, due to the lively and vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant. Botín rustle up great roasts, including the old Spanish favourite, cochinillo, which is suckling pig. The cordero, which is lamb, is also superb, as are the house-named almejas (clams). After finishing an appetising meal with excellent service you may get a tour of the historical restaurant.

Freiduría De Gallinejas

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Freiduría de Gallinejas is still going strong after a century since its opening. The offal style menu of the restaurant is not for the faint stomachs. The menu offers superbly prepared testicles, glands and stomach linings, all accompanied by strong red wine. It is worth visiting just for the lively scene and for an authentic taste of offal if you are the spontaneous type. Great service is complemented by the low price tag of the long-standing restaurant.

Casa Manolo

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Tomato and lentil soup
Tomato and lentil soup | © Jeremy Keith/Flickr
As one of the best sources of home cooking in Madrid, Casa Manolo has an endearing, right-at-home atmosphere, enhanced by the black and white photo of the owner’s grandmother and aunt that presides over the restaurant. But even though it’s all about tradition, this place prepares creative mouth-watering salads. The aubergine with tomato and goat’s cheese, for example, must be one of the best in the city. And then there is the lentil soup, cocido and other hearty stews that are supremely prepared by the chef.