The Best Coffee Shops In Bilbao, Spain

Churros sans restraint © Tim Lucas/Flickr
Churros sans restraint © Tim Lucas/Flickr
Bilbao is a wonderfully eclectic Spanish city, where the historic beauty of the medieval quarter Casco Viejo meets the sleek modernity of the Guggenheim museum. But Bilbao is also a great location to stroll around, meet locals, do some window shopping or try the local delicacies. If this is your plan, check out our list of the best coffee shops in Bilbao.
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Pasteleria Don Manuel

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italienisches Restaurant
italienisches Restaurant | © Stephanie Kraus/Flickr
Pasteleria Don Manuel surprises you for its endless selection of homemade pastries, cakes, cookies, treat. There is something for everybody in this pasteleria, which is the Spanish equivalent for a bakery that specializes in sweet treats. This is what Pasteleria Don Manuel does, offering its customers a sweet moment of relaxation. In addition to all this, Pasteleria Don Manuel also features milkshakes, coffees and teas, hot chocolates and drinks.
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Bihotz Café

Bihotz Café can brew coffee and tea with the best of them, but that’s not the only type of brew you’ll find here. You can also choose among a surprisingly strong selection of craft beers, with great international brewers like Mikkeller and Napar Bier. The easygoing staff, chill atmosphere, late hours and excellent bottle list make Bihotz a go-to spot for Bilbao’s hip twenty-somethings at all hours of the day.

Bihotz Café, Calle Arechaga 6, Bajo, Bilbao, Spain, +34 657714911


Bochoco is a self-defined gastrocafé, famous for its homemade pastries, candies and cakes, which change every day and never disappoint. Take a peek in their display and you might see anything from light, flaky croissants, to rich confetti cake pops, to dense, dark, gooey squares designed to make a chocoholic swoon. Many locals get their breakfast here, but Bochoco is perfect for sweetening up every moment of the day, and they’re open late enough to stop by for a quick post-dinner espresso and dessert. To experience a real power couple at work, be sure to grab a traditional Spanish churro dipped in chocolate to go with your coffee.

Bochoco, Henao 13, Bilbao, Spain, +34 946 12 32 95

Kikarea Café

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Pasteles de Belém
Pasteles de Belém | © Sílvia Martín/Flickr
If you like to start your day with a sweet breakfast, refuel with a hearty lunch, or pick up a quick sugary treat for the road, Kikarea Café has all your bases covered. A perfectly balanced combo of coffeehouse and bakery, this is a great stop for a creamy latte paired with an adorable, expertly decorated cupcake, or a thick, indulgent slice of red velvet cake. If you’re leaning towards something savory, they also serve a full lunch menu of sandwiches, salads, wraps, and even burgers. The friendliness of the staff will make you feel right at home, but the level of sheer visual artistry in their pastries will remind you that this is a highly professional kitchen.
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Nata Lisboa

Nata Lisboa brings the flavors of Portugal to the heart of Bilbao, ideal for those whose minds are always on their next travel destination. They offer a diverse menu of both Portuguese and Spanish pastries, including pastel de nata and seasonal treats like king cake (a delicious pie for the Christmas season). The common element is that they’re all freshly baked and delicious, especially when you pair them with frothy coffee confections topped with enough yummy whipped cream to count as a cake in their own right. The fun-loving, helpful staff is the cherry on top of the whole sweet experience here.

Nata Lisboa, Arenal Street 5, Store 1, Bilbao, Spain, +34 946 03 98 78

by Giulia Luzi