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The Best Late Breakfast And Brunch Spots In La Alameda, Seville
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The Best Late Breakfast And Brunch Spots In La Alameda, Seville

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Updated: 10 November 2016
La Alameda, in Seville, is home to a great variety of popular tapas bars and it also offers some good breakfast and brunch spots. Here is a list of the best places where visitors to the area can sample torrijas – a Spanish bread pudding –magdalenas and ‘crackers’ or enjoy churros or doughnuts sprinkled with honey.
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Café Piola

This Seville restaurant has received a lot of attention in past years. Many customers have praised the amazing breakfast they serve. The menu features various types of bread to choose from – from Andalusian bread to muffins – and they offer different ingredients to go with the bread. They have different types of olive oil, and ingredients that customers can choose include: crushed tomatoes and sliced garlic to rub on the bread, jars of spicy sausage, sweet potato and more.

Address and telephone number: Alameda de Hercules, 57, Sevilla, Spain, + 34 954 3771 91

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Ideally located near the city’s cathedral, this restaurant features a good set of indoor and outdoor tables. The restaurant is very popular both with visitors and locals, and it is reasonably priced considering its central location. The breakfast options include chorizo sausage, feta cheese, roasted tomatillo salsa, ratatouille with eggs, cilantro cream and crisp tortilla strips.

Address and telephone number: Calle Mateos Gago, 1, Sevilla, Spain, + 34 954 22 82 50 

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Casa Manolo

Casa Manolo is one of the oldest and most popular tapas bars in the area. It attracts many visitors thanks to its friendly prices. Their signature dishes include traditional Spanish options such as olives filled with red pepper, marinated anchovies, cod with tomato and delicious bull tails. The restaurant has a fixed menu but on some days of the week they serve specials which will include some culinary surprises.

Address and telephone number: Calle San Jorge,16, Sevilla, Spain, + 34 954 33 47 92 

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Casa Roman

Ideally located in the beautiful environment of the old town, close to the cathedral, Casa Roman is a lovely tapas bar widely acclaimed for offering the best ham and pork ‘presa ibérica’ in Seville and probably one of the best in Spain. The breakfast menu features options such as grilled mushrooms with juicy ham, cheeses that melt in the mouth, and sweet rice pudding. Their crispy croquettes and tuna fish are simply delicious. The food is reasonably priced and their dishes attract visitors from around the world.

Address and telephone number: Plaza de los Venerables, 1,Sevilla, Spain, + 34 954 22 84 83

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Bar Antojo

Bar Antojo has a cozy ambiance thanks to its exposed brick walls and the mismatched chairs and wooden tables. Their most popular signature dish consists of pork with whisky sauce. Their flamenquin, patatas bravas and chicken nuggets will also leave the palate craving for more. The breakfast menu features options such as poached egg in tempura batter on cream foam, soup, cod with crispy coating and delicious pork rolls.

Address and telephone number: Calle Calatrava, 44, Sevilla, Spain, + 34 955 42 53 37