The 10 Best Restaurants Near la Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

View from Sagrada Familia © Bernhard Latzko / Flickr
View from Sagrada Familia © Bernhard Latzko / Flickr
Photo of Anna Montull
9 February 2017

The Sagrada Familia isn’t just one of the most emblematic and a popular spots of Barcelona; it’s precisely in this neighborhood where tourists and locals find some of the best gastronomical hot-spots. Here are ten of the best establishments in the area.

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An assortment of tapas | © Salomechaussure/Flickr
L’encís (‘The Charm’ in Catalan) is a warm and welcoming restaurant that is definitely worthy of its name. Situated four minutes away from the Sagrada Familia, L’encís offers a great variety of Catalan cuisine as well as good wine. The owner of this beautiful restaurant, Marysol Sánchez, has been true to her ideas ever since L’Encís first opened its doors, and many years later it is still one of the most beloved restaurants in the city, enjoyed by its clients and food critics alike.

La Paradeta

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La Paradeta Barcelona
La Paradeta Barcelona | © inger maaike/Flickr

This self-service seafood restaurant might actually be one of the most famous chains in Barcelona. The first restaurant La Paradeta opened its doors in July 1994, and ever since that day hundreds of locals and tourists enjoy the best seafood in the city at a very economical price. If you’re spending some time in Barcelona, you can’t miss the opportunity to eat in one of the most original and first-rate restaurants in the city.

La Piazzenza

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La Piazzenza is one of the best and most popular Italian restaurants in the city. Known for its big pizzas and cheap prices, La Piazzenza is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and take a break after walking around the beautiful Gaudi Avenue. With views to the Sagrada Familia, this big restaurant is one of the best options where you can enjoy some quality lunch-time with friends or family – especially if you have kids! At La Piazzenza, you can also enjoy good wine for a very affordable price, as well as a wide range of desserts.

La Cúpula

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Salmon and Potatoes
Salmon and Potatoes | ©Jeremy Keith/Flickr

This stylish restaurant is located only one street away from the park of Sagrada Familia, and is well-known for its quality Mediterranean food and its amazing interior; La Cúpula’s skylight dome at the top of the building and the vintage cars inside of the establishment give the restaurant an unusual elegance. If you’d like to enjoy the most delicious local cuisine and a good glass of wine near the Sagrada Familia, then La Cúpula is the place for you, but don’t forget to make a reservation before arriving.

Chill Bar & Grill

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Chill Bar & Grill is one of the most beloved restaurants in the neighborhood of Sagrada Familia. Enjoy good tapas, pinchos and home-made hamburgers in this cool and modern restaurant located two minutes away from Gaudi’s work. If the weather is pleasant, you should definitely eat on the terrace, from where you can admire the church. If you’d rather stay inside, you can enjoy your meal in an intimate atmosphere with dim lights and tastefully decorated walls. Chill Bar & Grill is the perfect place to organize a fun dinner with friends or for after work drinks.


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Sautéed Red Snapper
Sautéed Red Snapper | ©ralphandjenny/flickr

Caldeni is one of those restaurants that doesn’t need an introduction. Located only two minutes away from the Sagrada Familia, this restaurant is run by Dani Lechuga, named best chef of 2011 by the Gastronomical Forum of Girona, and author of La cocina de la carne, a book about the art of cooking different types of meat. Do we need to say more? Caldeni is a top-level restaurant that offers an excellent menu and an exquisite special selection of meats.


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Seafood Paella
Seafood Paella | ©Pixabay

Babilonia is a cozy and modest restaurant with unique views, as its located right in front of the Sagrada Familia. This well-known restaurant on Gaudí Avenue offers specialities from different Mediterranean countries at a good price. The restaurant has a private lounge, as well as a magnificent terrace – perfect for summer nights – overlooking Gaudí’s work.

Can Josep

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Fritatta/ | ©Pixabay

This excellent restaurant is located just under ten away from the Sagrada Familia, and it might be the most authentic and familiar restaurant on the list! You can find Can Josep in L’Eixample, one of the largest and most famous neighborhoods in the city. Small and unique, Can Josep is run by Josep and his son, who are the soul of the kitchen and offer some of the best home-made Catalan cuisine to their loyal clients. Can Josep is a small restaurant, slighly hidden but worth seeking out, and where you can enjoy some quality time with family or friends while savoring the best typical local dishes.

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Arco Iris

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Vegetarian Casserole
Vegetarian Casserole | ©Pixabay

Arco Iris is also located in L’Eixample, and its offer is too good to ignore! Arco Iris is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in the area and is definitely one of the best in Barcelona. This little gem in one of Barcelona’s most popular neighborhoods has been offering its services for more than 40 years, and it is precisely its excellent vegetarian and economical menu that attracts hundreds of visitors every week. Arco Iris is the perfect place for a healthy and original dining experience, and is also characterized by its excellent and fast service, as well as its friendly atmosphere.


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The Classic Burger
The Classic Burger | © Pexels

Anauco is a gourmet restaurant specializing in hamburgers, and is located one block away from Gaudi’s church. This small and cozy restaurant is one of the most famous places in the area, not only because of its delicious meals but also because of the low prices. With its homemade food, wide variety of craft beer and its innovative hamburger dishes, Anauco is always a safe choice that won’t disappoint you.