The 10 Best Restaurants In Murcia, Spain

Mar Menor | © Sharon Garland/Flickr
Mar Menor | © Sharon Garland/Flickr
A university city in south-eastern Spain, Murcia is the principal city of the Murcia region. The city’s central Plaza Cardenal Belluga stands as an example of architectural artistry, featuring a diversity of architecture styles from Gothic to Baroque. The Palacio Episcopal stands as an embodiment of this diversity, incorporating late 20th-century features into the previous 18th century elements. Similarly, Murcia’s culinary scene includes a contrasting variety of restaurants in terms of style, culinary techniques and atmosphere, making Murcia an exciting place to visit. Here are the ten best restaurants in the city.

Restaurante Extremeño

Restaurant, Contemporary, $$$
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Steak dish
Steak dish | © Jeremy Keith/Wikicommons
Renowned for its high quality contemporary cuisine, the Restaurante Extremeño serves an impressive variety of traditional meals and specialty meat and seafood dishes that is sure to captivate all those who visit. Sample their signature caramelized foie or the ‘Murciana’ salad for a traditional option. They also offer an exclusive menu for special occasions. Located in one of the city’s arterial streets within the heart of Murcia, this restaurant exudes class, quality and style.
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El Estudio de Ana

Located in the heart of Murcia’s city center, El Estudio de Ana seeks to offer an alternative and innovative approach to food and its enjoyment. You’ll be able to sample unusual dishes such as crunchy seaweed and squab marinated with coffee and mushrooms. All the dishes feature high quality, fresh ingredients and are displayed as intricate, artistic masterpieces. Guests are confronted with a dazzling display of colors and texture that perfect for anyone wishing to experience the best of contemporary local cuisine.

Address: Carril Canos, 104, 30006 Murcia, Spain, +34 968100031

Chez Marcel

Restaurant, French, Tapas, $$$
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Wine | © Pixabay
Offering a welcome alternative to the traditional tapas restaurants found throughout Murcia, the restaurant Chez Marcel offers a range of contemporary French dishes that resonate with the authentic warmth and flavors you could enjoy in France. Specializing in high quality and game-style meat dishes, including deer and duck, the food menu is complemented by a formidable selection of rustic red vintages.
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Mano A Mano

Restaurant, Italian
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Pizza | © Lppa/Wikicommons
Restaurant Mano A Mano has drummed up an impressive reputation as one of Murcia’s most prominent go-to Pizzerias. This restaurant serves delectable, crisp pizzas from all time favorites, including the basic margherita pizza, to elaborate options, such as the exquisite seafood pizza. If you find yourself craving pizza while in Murcia, head to Mano a Mano.
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El Pasaje de Zabalburu

Restaurant, Bar, Spanish, $$$
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Seafood platter
Seafood platter | © Archangel12/Flickr
One of the finest restaurants on Murcia’s rich dining scene, El Pasaje de Zabalburu exudes elegance and sophistication. This restaurant provides the perfect fine dining experience, displaying fresh ingredients crafted into perfectly balanced dishes with an artistic presentation flare and a contemporary blend of flavors. Taste the red tuna tartar, or for a classic Spanish option, order some Jamón Ibérico, Spanish cured ham.
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LimaLimón Bistró

Restaurant, Peruvian, $$$
The LimaLimón Bistró focuses on taking its guests on a journey of different taste sensations. Showcasing the best elements of authentic Spanish cuisine with its dishes through the freshness and diversity of its local ingredients, this restaurant also offers an interpretation of traditional Peruvian and South American dishes, with the aim of introducing new flavors in the local cuisine.
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Kokoro Gastrosushi

One of Murcia’s main restaurants specializing in Japanese cuisine, Kokoro Gastrosushi creates sushi of exceptional quality using a range of fresh seafood as well as some vegetarian options. They experiment with different tastes with the aim to make the sushi experience more enjoyable for guests, regularly featuring new designs and formulas.

Address: Avenida de La Libertad 6 | Bloque 5, 30009 Murcia, Spain, +34 868 07 70 00

Vox Populi Gastromercado

Located in the heart of Murcia, the Vox Populi Gastromercado offers an exciting range of culinary creations that cannot fail to impress everyone that passes through its doors. The restaurant has gained renown as one of Murcia’s best restaurants for people with dietary requirements, offering a significant collection of gluten-free options. Come and enjoy a healthy dinner in their modern glass-walled restaurant space.

Address: Calle San Cristobal, 3, 30001 Murcia, Spain, +34 968 21 97 57

El Jardin de Los Dragones

Restaurant, Bar, Juice Bar, Vegan
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Vegan patty
Vegan patty | © Heather Kennedy/Flickr
El Jardin de Los Dragones specializes in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, providing a range of good quality and healthy dishes. This restaurant perfectly blends international (including Nepalese) and Spanish culinary techniques. They openly encourages visits from those with extra dietary requirements. El Jardín hosts different workshops and cultural activities throughout the year.
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