The 10 Best Restaurants In Centro Historico, Málaga

Constitution Square, Málaga | © Tadekk/flickr
Constitution Square, Málaga | © Tadekk/flickr
Commonly thought of as the capital of the Costa Del Sol, Málaga thrives as a bustling coastal city full of captivating cultural events and tourist attractions. Host to a variety of architectural wonders and quality restaurants, the historical center of the city is a great place for visitors to go out for a meal. We have listed the 10 best restaurants in the area.
Centro Historico ©Pete

José Carlos García Restaurante

Restaurant, Mediterranean
Providing one of Málaga’s most luxurious dining experiences, the Jose Carlos Garcia is a Michelin star restaurant located opposite the Muelle Uno quay. The restaurant boasts elegance and sophistication, hosting an attractive outdoor terrace, an open-view kitchen, and two luxury dining rooms housed inside a glass-fronted designer building. The restaurant prepares high quality cuisine. All dishes are beautifully presented and the menu is altered regularly to provide something new each time you visit. The Chef, José Carlos García, is part of a generation of chefs who have placed Málaga on the national scene of quality cuisine.
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The Manducare restaurant is well positioned opposite Málaga’s historic port. The restaurant has an elegant dress-code whilst it has managed to avoid being pretentious. In terms of food, the restaurant offers a variety of traditional Andalusian specialties with an innovative contemporary touch. Guests will enjoy sampling the dishes cooked using freshly caught seafood accompanied by an array of tapas.

Address: Avenida Manuel Agustín de Heredia 2, Málaga. +34 952 290412

El Chinitas

Restaurant, Seafood, Mediterranean, Spanish
Slightly off the main walkway, tucked in one of Málaga’s many quaint side streets, El Chinitas is a well-kept Spanish taverna over 150 years old. The restaurant serves an array of dishes in a variety of styles, with starters such as spicy potato and chorizo tapas. This restaurant is perfect for people wishing to have an authentic Spanish dining experience, sampling popular Spanish dishes in a traditional tavern environment.
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Andres Maricuchi

Restaurant, Seafood, Mediterranean, Spanish
Known for being one of Málaga’s best beachfront restaurants, the Andres Maricuchi, known by locals simply as ‘Maricuchi’, provides authentic and mouthwatering seafood dishes presented in a contemporary style paying attention to detail. Thanks to the restaurant’s privileged position on the beachfront, visitors cannot help but relax and enjoy looking out at the scenic seascape.
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Vegetariano El Calafate

Restaurant, Vegetarian
Vegetariano el Calafate is known for the quality of its vegetarian soup
Vegetariano el Calafate is known for the quality of its vegetarian soup | © anjamirabelka/Pixabay
One of Málaga’s main restaurants specializing in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, the Vegetarian El Calafate is a good option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. With a huge selection of salads and pasta dishes served in generous portions, guests need not worry about leaving unsatisfied. The restaurant is famous for its sociable atmosphere and the timely manner in which dishes are served. They also offer some gluten-free options.
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Gorki offers a vast and exceptionally creative menu of gourmet style tapas. Experimenting with a range of seafood and meat based dishes in order to create new and exciting concoctions, such as the much praised crab crepes and the figs with hot foie, this is the perfect place for anyone wishing to embark on a contemporary Spanish culinary adventure.
Address: Calle Strachan 6, Málaga, Spain, +34 952 221466

Meson Cortijode De Pepe

Bar, Restaurant, Tapas
Exceptionally well located near the established Picasso art museum, Meson Cortijode de Pepe serves a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas at very reasonable prices, as well as a variety of salads and some vegetarian options. Although the restaurant is located in the heart of Málaga’s busy central district, no reservation is needed since the restaurant is well equipped to welcome big crowds, offering many tables and some bar space.
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La Recova

Spanish Tapas
Spanish Tapas | ©Elemaki/Wikicommons
This is a highly recommended restaurant with numerous awards under its name. La Recova is one of the most popular places for Spanish tapas in Málaga’s city center, which is saying a lot since the city is full of tapas bars and restaurants. Characterized by its atmosphere similar to Madrid’s quaint side street restaurants, La Recova is a great place for visitors wishing to sample authentic Spanish dishes expertly prepared and made from quality ingredients.
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Toro Muelle Uno

Different from the traditional tapas restaurants dotted around Málaga’s center, Toro Muelle Uno offers exceptional quality Spanish tapas defined by their contemporary twist. Guests have access to a specialized tasting menu in which certain tapas options are accompanied by certain wines, paired by an in-house sommelier. With inspiring views of Málaga’s beachfront, this is the perfect place for fans of creative cuisine and for those who give importance to the wine they have with their meal. Come and learn about Spanish cuisine and the rich wine culture of the country.

Address: Paseo de la Farola, Muelle Uno, Local 65, 29001, Málaga, Spain. +34 951 10 92 09

Ba Japones

Located on Málaga’s beachfront, Ba Japones is the city’s favorite Japanese restaurant and one of the city’s up and coming hangout spots. The restaurant specializes in the creation of eastern meat and fish dishes and sushi options with Mediterranean touches. Their dishes are exquisitely presented. This contemporary Japanese restaurant offers a great alternative to those visitors that have already tried a few tapas restaurants and are looking for a change. The trendy restaurant boasting a tasteful minimalist design is a great place to spend the evening.

Address: la Malagueta 4 Edificio Antonio Martín, Paseo Reding, 29016 Málaga, Spain+34 951 77 65 02