The 10 Best Restaurants In La Alameda, Seville

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9 February 2017

La Alameda is a district in the north of Seville known for its nightlife and culinary excellence, reflected in its wide variety of bars and restaurants. As such, it offers a multitude of dining experiences ranging from vegetarian restaurants to tapas bars. We list 10 of the best spots for dining out here.

Sculptures in La Alameda, Seville | © Adam Jones/Flickr

Al Aljibe

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Al Aljibe is a market kitchen restaurant offers an intimate and quiet atmosphere on their rooftop or the patio. Customers will enjoy excellent food made only with the freshest ingredients. Try the tuna kebab with wasabi mayo, warm grilled octopus with a mild divine coriander sauce and hamburgers with goat’s cheese topped with caramelized onions.

Bar Antojo

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BarAntojo has a pleasant ambience with a décor featuring exposed bricks, mismatched chairs and wooden tables. The signature dish consists of pork with whisky sauce. The flamenquin, patatas bravas and chicken nuggets are recommended. Their menu also includes poached egg in tempura batter on a foam of cream, soup, cod with crispy coating and delicious pork rolls.

Dúo Tapas

An evocative rustic setting gives a unique charm to this little place that also serves some of the best tapas in La Alameda. The two blackboards display two different menus, for the food and the wines. The signature dishes include magret duck, Galician-style octopus and pork cheeks in red wine, which are some local favorites.
Dúo Tapas, Calle Calatrava, 10, Sevilla,Spain, +34 955 23 85 72

Casa Paco

Casa Paco serves traditional Andalusian food with innovative twists. This is one of the oldest restaurants in La Alameda and a touch of a bygone area is still felt in the place. Their swordfish or codfish in mustard sauce is delicious and vegetables such as aubergine or asparagus are cooked to perfection.

La Alameda, Seville | © afloresm/Flickr

La Duquesita

La Duquesita‘s food is well seasoned in a traditional style offering an enjoyable and authentic dining experience. The best dishes include crispy fried veg (onions, peppers, aubergine) with lightly breaded langoustines, grilled sea bass brochette, and the creamy-stuffed mushrooms.
Restaurante La Duquesita, Correduria, 35,Sevilla, Spain, +34 954 90 17 64

La Fábrica de Besana

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Tapas | © Ben30/Flickr
La Fábrica de Besana is an open kitchen tapas bar that uses fresh and carefully chosen seasonal ingredients to make rustic dishes, delightful in flavor and rich in texture. The signature dishes include the grilled chipirones filled with butifarra and the seafood ravioli with a gorgeous chardonnay sauce. This is a quiet place where costumers can can take their time to sample and enjoy the amazing tapas.

La niña Bonita Abacería

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Tapas | © Krista/Flickr
Oozing with period features and rustic charm, La niña Bonita Abacería is a cozy tapas bar initially opened as an abacería (a food shop with a bar) in 1931. The menu features an amazing blend of Spanish and international cuisines and a good wine list. Their spicy spinach with chickpeas is impressive.

Nikkei Bar

Nikkei Bar is a unique fusion restaurant that combines Spanish, Peruvian and Asian cuisines in delicious and unexpected blends. Bursting with exotic flavors and textures, the dishes have an innovative twist that is hard to come by in other restaurants in the city. Their sushi with Peruvian spicy sauce, the quail egg, the ceviche with coconut milk, and the noodles are all highly recommended.
Nikkei Bar, Calle Calatrava, 34, Sevilla, Spain, +34 620 82 47 17


Tucked away on a cobbled lane, Sidonia is a jewel among the tapas bars in La Alameda. Furnished in a bohemian style, the place offers a modern twist on traditional dishes, mixing flavors and cuisines to deliver the most original meals the customer can imagine. The place is popular among the locals. The popular white salted fish (bacalao) with potatoes and asparagus is a must-try.

Sidonia, Calle Calatrava, 16, Sevilla,Spain, +34 954 90 35 32