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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Huertas, Madrid
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Huertas, Madrid

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Updated: 15 November 2016
Huertas is the kind of place where you can stop by any of the restaurants or bars during brunch hours for a light meal. For a Spanish brunch, choose any of the tapas or appetizers from the menus. To make your choice of where to eat easier, we’ve highlighted the 10 best places for a late breakfast below.
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Le Comptoir de la Crêpe

Le Comptoir de la Crêpe is a Breton crêperie with unusual decor inside. Try a dish from the menu of sweet pancakes, which come with a variety of condiments. Everything in the room is designed to make customers feel like they’re in a very unique place.

Calle de Las Huertas, 68, Madrid, Spain, +34 910 24 69 02

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Ganz restaurant has a Spanish-based cuisine, with a French twist. They offer a different wine list, with many options procured from lesser known wineries. Try the dishes from their formal menu, come for brunch on weekends, or try their tapas menu. Ganz also have an art gallery that changes exhibitions monthly, and can be booked for events.

Calle de Almadén, 9, Madrid, Spain, +34 911 73 39 37

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La Venencia

La Venencia bar is tucked into the side of a narrow street hidden from the busy city center, and is easy to miss if you don’t know exactly where to look. They have five different styles of sherry to choose from; oloroso, fino, manzanilla, and a few personal creations from the bar. Additionally, you can order food from a small selection of tapas dishes, such as cheese, olives or cured ham.

Calle de Echegaray, 7, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 29 73 13

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Cervecería Cervantes

Cervecería Cervantes is a bar that provides a warm atmosphere and well-poured cañas. Waiters serve up seafood specialties, canapés, and beer at top speed. Both the gambas tostatas (prawn toast) and the percebes (goose barnacles) are highly recommended dishes. You’ll find the biggest crowd here just before lunchtime and again in the evening.

Plaza de Jesús, 7, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 29 60 93

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Prada a Tope

This charming restaurant, which offers traditional Madrid dishes, is inspired by the typical taverns of Castilla-Leon. The restaurant recreates a unique rural atmosphere with exposed wooden beams, tiled floors and stone columns. Prada a Tope‘s menu features smoked beef and black pudding, and boiled pork knuckle with potato, savoy cabbage and vegetable sofrito (a sauce with garlic, onion, paprika, tomatoes and peppers).

Calle Principe, 11, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 295 921

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Los Gatos

With menus that are easy to understand and eclectic old-world decor, from bullfighting memorabilia to a fresco of skeletons at the bar, Los Gatos is a popular choice down at the southern end of Huertas. The most popular orders here are the canapés (tapas on toast), which are rather delicious. This place is a great choice for a quick snack on the go or for a light bite with a couple of beers.

Calle de Jesús, 2, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 29 30 67

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Cervecería Alemana

This bar opened in 1904 and was one of Ernest Hemingway’s haunts. If you’ve only got time to stop at one bar on Plaza de Santa Ana, let it be this classic cervecería, renowned for its cold beers and a wide selection of Spanish beers that are hard to find elsewhere. If you can, it’s best to get a table outside in the plaza in the evening, as that’s the best time to visit Cervecería Alemana. Make sure you order some tapas during your visit.

Plaza de Santa Ana, 6, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 29 70 33

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From the moment the staff welcomes you inside Lizarran, you know you’re in good hands with their attentive service. No matter what time you visit the restaurant, they will always have something special prepared for you. Their kebabs come highly recommended as they are made with premium Spanish ingredients.

Calle Marques Viudo de Pontejos, 15, Madrid, Spain, +34 910 121 352

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Las Bravas

Right in the center of the city, Las Bravas is the ideal place to have some refreshments after visiting the old quarter or the Barrio de las Letras – the so-called Writers Quarter. Enjoy some cañas in a street with the greatest, and most vibrant atmosphere in Madrid, only a few meters away from the Puerta del Sol.

Pje. Matheu, 5, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 21 51 41

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Cervecería Santa Ana

The Cervecería Santa Ana brewery is a fantastic place to meet up with friends, get to know city center and, of course, have the best tapas and beers in Madrid. There are two entrances that lead into two different spaces, one with seating and one without, and there are tables outside. This choice of brewery is good for a light lunch or brunch, with salads and a range of pulgas (small rolls).

Plaza Sta. Ana, 10, Madrid, Spain, +34 914 29 43 56