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The 10 Best Bars in Santander, Spain

The 10 Best Bars in Santander, Spain

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Updated: 21 November 2017
If you’re heading to the northern Spanish coastal city of Santander and want a great night out, then take a look at our pick of the best bars. We’ve found everything from classy cocktail spots to cosy jazz bars where you can enjoy a drink with friends.

Bar Caribe

Bar Caribe can be found along El Sardinero beach, right underneath the glitzy Santander Casino. It’s a relaxed and friendly place, specialising in gin and tonics, with various additions of fruits and spices. There are also snacks available such as hamburgers and filled baguettes if you get peckish.

Calle Joaquín Costa, 47, Santander, Spain +34 942 27 33 06

Go out for a drink in Santander | Pixabay

Go out for a drink in Santander | Pixabay

Little Bobby Speakeasy

Little Bobby is a 1920s-style speakeasy, decorated with old-fashioned lamps and vintage furniture. It was named after ‘Little Bobby’, who was part of the Chicago mafia and opened his own speakeasy, where a password was required to enter. The bar takes patrons back to the clandestine world of Chicago in the 1920s and specialises in classic cocktails, particularly gin and tonics and those based on rum. There’s also a full champagne menu to choose from.

Calle Sol, 20, Santander, Spain +34 690 99 25 27

Courtesy of Little Bobby Speakeasy

Courtesy of Little Bobby Speakeasy

Loft Art

A club-cum-bar, Loft Art is located on the lively Plaza Cañadío. Taking inspiration from nature, its walls are plastered with trees, ferns and other plants. The bar is both trendy and stylish, serving classic cocktails, while the dance floor is a vibrant spot featuring all the latest tunes.

Plaza Cañadío, 1, Santander, Spain +34 655 96 72 74

Loft Art Santander

Courtesy of Loft Art, Santander


A very popular nightspot in Santander, Malaspina has been going strong for over 20 years and is true Santander institution, being one of the longest-standing bars in the city. It has a chic, industrial feel with bare brick walls, old wooden rafters and lots of colourful lighting. As well as drinking, it’s a place to come and dance to the best classic rock, funk, blues and Spanish pop tracks.

Pje. Jesús Revaque Garea, Santander, Spain +34 942 31 33 93

Pub Malaspina

Courtesy of Pub Malaspina

Pub Stop

A disco and pub, Pub Stop is based on the concept of an English-style pub. Decked in dark green wood panels and light blue walls, it has many small tables where you can sit with friends and enjoy a colourful gin and tonic with a variety of flavours. They also serve free snacks with cocktails such as chewy sour sweets, chocolates and salty mixed nuts.

Calle de Castelar, 13, Santander, Spain +34 677 40 08 97

Courtesy of Stop Pub, Santander

Courtesy of Stop Pub, Santander

Portobello 5

One of the classiest bars in the city, Portobello 5 has a mix of contemporary and Baroque styles, with glittering chandeliers and flashy lights. They also do some of the best mojitos in the city.

Calle Peña Herbosa, 5, Santander, Spain +34 663 28 24 16

Courtesy of Portobello 5

Courtesy of Portobello 5

Pub Blues

Situated on the Plaza de Cañadío, swish Pub Blues has tables that spill out onto the square outside. It’s a great place for cocktails and mixers, and also sometimes has live music such as rock, jazz or blues.

Calle Gómez Oreña, 15, Santander, Cantabria, Spain

Blues Santander

Courtesy of Pub Blues, Santander


Canela, meaning ‘Cinnamon’ is another Plaza Cañadío bar. It’s a perfect spot for live music and attracts local bands from around the area. Dark and dingy with bare-brick walls, it has the feeling of an underground jazz club.

Plaza Cañadío, 5, Santander, Spain

Courtesy of Bar Canela, Santander

Courtesy of Bar Canela, Santander


Another live music bar, Rvbicón is a cosy little jazz bar, filled with old black and white photos. It’s the perfect place to just sit with your drink and and appreciate various live jazz bands.

Calle del Sol, 4, Santander, Spain +34 942 03 57 74

Café las Meninas

A cross between a cafe and bar, Café las Meninas is based around the theme of Diego Velázquez’s famous Las Meninas painting, which now sits in the Prado Museum in Madrid. Reproductions of parts of the painting and small figurines of its characters can be found dotted around the cosy bar. This place is equally good for a coffee as it is for a glass of wine.

Calle Sol, 1, Santander, Cantabria, Spain +34 942 07 40 78

Courtesy of Café Las Meninas

Courtesy of Café Las Meninas