The 10 Best Bars In Salamanca, Spain

The 10 Best Bars In Salamanca, Spain
Located a few hours from Madrid, Salamanca is one of Spain’s most important cultural sights and part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Explore the city’s dazzling architecture and museums during the day, and revel in its bustling night life once the sun goes down. Here’s our guide to 10 of the best bars in Salamanca.
Salamanca’s bustling Plaza Mayor © M.Stallbaum/WikiCommons

Tio Vivo

True to its name, Tio Vivo – meaning merry-go-round in Spanish – is decorated like a carousel with wooden horses flanking the bar counters. Tio Vivo is a multifunctional venue with events ranging from theater performances and comedy nights to live music.
Tio Vivo, Calle Clavel, 3, Salamanca, Spain, +34 609 42 16 48

La Chupitería

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La Chupitería is the ideal place to start the night with cheap drinks and a mixed crowd. Particularly popular with local students, the small bar with its bluish lights offers numerous shots for as little as €1. Their signature shot, El Chupito, comes with whipped cream on top and is renowned throughout Salamanca. The bar offers all sorts of flavors from cherry to avocado and tasting their menu makes for an entertaining evening.
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Cum Laude

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The nightclub and bar Cum Laude boasts an impressive interior with high sandstone pillars which imitate the style of a palace . Two bars and a dance floor are located on the ground floor, and tehre’s also an upstairs gallery. Cum Laude offers numerous themed nights such as Cabaret or Ladies Night.
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Jazz lovers will not be able to get enough of Birdland’s quality performances, ranging from jazz and blues to Latin music. The two-story bar offers a relaxed atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks, making it the ideal spot for a few laid back drinks or to start out the night.
Birdland, Calle Azafranal, 57, Salamanca, Spain, +34 923 45 05 07

Cafe Moderno

Cafe Moderno is an unconventional venue with unique events and various original performances. The lively bar is one of the city’s most famous spots and especially popular with lovers of live music. The crowd tends to be mixed with many international visitors. With their very own cultural program, named El Gallo, the bar’s shows are legendary.
Café Moderno, Gran Vía, 75, Salamanca, Spain, +34 637 53 81 65

Cafe Corrillo

A restaurant throughout the day, Cafe Corrillo turns into a vibrant bar when the sun sets and is a popular destination for all sorts of visitors from students to professionals and artists. Corrillo stages live jazz concerts and a variety of temporary exhibitions ranging from paintings to photographs downstairs. The bar offers an excellent setting to start an evening out and due to its long opening hours, you can enjoy the bustling atmosphere well into the night. Located centrally in the Calle Meléndez, the Cafe Corrillo is surrounded by a multicultural and vibrant neighborhood, offering some of the most intriguing night life in Salamanca.
Café Corrillo, Calle Meléndez, 18, Salamanca, Spain, +34 923 27 19 17


Bar, Nightclub, Spanish, $$$
Camelot | © Tamorlan/WikiCommons
Originally a chapel, bar and club Camelot now hosts numerous live concerts and its medieval atmosphere gives it a particular flair. There are various theme nights and a varied crowd. Drinks are priced slightly higher than in some of the smaller city bars, but Camelot’s unique setting makes it a must visit in Salamanca’s night life scene.
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Amadeus is located in Salamanca’s busy bar area, close to the Plaza Mayor. If you have grown tired of international beats, the typically Spanish venue offers a welcome alternative. The bar mainly plays Spanish music and the majority of its patrons are locals. One of the most authentic places in Salamanca’s night life scene, Amadeus quickly fills up on the weekend but never feels overcrowded.
Amadeus, Cuesta del Carmen 2, Salamanca, Spain

The Irish Theatre

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The vibrant Irish pub is a popular destination for the international crowd and offers themed nights for students. Located in the old city, the interior is designed in the style of an old theater with boxes, regal chairs and an old-fashioned bar. The entertainment ranges from comedy shows to concerts, but what remains constant is the bar’s celebratory and buzzing atmosphere. During the day, The Irish Theater provides a cozy and intimate setting, ideal for coffee breaks and quick bites.
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Located in the city center, Gatsby is a busy bar and disco, playing a variety of music genres and is particularly popular with international and student crowds. The eclectic interior consists of farming tools and other old-fashioned objects. Visitors can chill out at the bar or move to the bustling dance floors. With reasonable prices, Gatsby is a great place to enjoy a few copas.
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