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Malasaña  | © r2hox /Flickr
Malasaña | © r2hox /Flickr
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The 10 Best Bars In Malasaña, Madrid

Picture of Sonia Cuesta de Andrés
Updated: 9 February 2017
Malasaña is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Madrid, so it is only to be expected that the bars will offer a great variety of cool options. We explore the best places to grab a drink in Spain’s Malasaña.
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El Rincón

The name of this bar means ‘corner’ in Spanish, and it really is just that; a tiny corner situated in the lively Malasaña neighborhood, decorated to perfection. The contrast between the black and white photographs and the baby blue walls is only beautiful. They have some excellent tapas: their Spanish omelet is worth trying, but they also have other types of cuisine, such as pasta or quesadillas. The beer here is great too, and the cocktails are delicious albeit slightly more expensive than elsewhere in the neighborhood.

El Rincón, Calle del Espíritu Santo, 26 Madrid, Spain +34 915 22 19 86

An assortment of tapas| © Salomechaussure/Flickr
An assortment of tapas | © Salomechaussure/Flickr
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TupperWare is not only one of the best bars in Malasaña, but it is also one of the most exciting things to do overall in the neighborhood. The crazy kitsch decor, Star Wars photos, murals, lights and different music choices spice things up and chase boredom away at an exhilarating rate. One night they might play funky jazz while the next there might be dance or house music.

TupperWare, Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo 36, Madrid, Spain +34 625 523 561

Herbal teas © Pexels

Herbal teas © Pexels

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La Tetería de la Abuela

This bar/tea salon/restaurant has a mind of its own and goes against most of the trends in this neighborhood. What makes it one of the best bars in the area is that next to cocktails and beers, visitors will see chamomile or green teas, even in the early hours of the morning when most people are heading back from the clubs. At the back of the locale there is a really cozy and intimate area, with two sofas, where tourists can enjoy a warm tea in a relaxing atmosphere.

La Tetería de la Abuela, Calle del Espíritu Santo 19, Madrid, Spain +34 911 82 40 79

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La Vía Láctea

Similar in style to TupperWare, La Vía Láctea is another bar with quirky decor that is hard to imitate anywhere else; the result of years and years of gathering music posters from the 1980s and putting them on the walls. They serve great beer at even better prices (three euros) and they also have decent cocktails. The music played here is usually indie, Brit pop, electronica or rock, attracting a diverse audience from all backgrounds and age groups.

La Vía Láctea, Calle de Velarde 18, Madrid, Spain +34 914 46 75 81

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Madklyn is run by the same family that runs TupperWare. It is located near the Plaza Dos de Mayo, and it is one of the bars responsible for keeping that area of the neighborhood alive and buzzing at night. The decoration does not disappoint here, and the music – usually pop-rock – will keep visitors on their feet all night. There are two sections, one at the front and a back room with sofas and another bar that is usually less crowded. It is available for hire.

Madklyn, Calle de San Andrés 12, Madrid, Spain +34 646 78 03 10

Plaza Dos de Mayo | © Tejiendo Malasaña /Flickr
Plaza Dos de Mayo | © Tejiendo Malasaña /Flickr
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El Pentagrama

This bar, commonly known as just ‘El Penta’, is emblematic of the Movida movement which took over Madrid in the 1980s. It opened its doors in 1976 and ever since it has been a favorite with the youth in the area. Even though part of the locale is still living in the past – they play music from the 1980s and the 1990s – it has also figured out how to modernize itself to stay relevant in Madrid’s competitive night scene.

El Pentagrama, Calle de la Palma 4, Madrid, Spain +34 914 47 84 60

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El Mandil

El Mandil has not yet been affected by the hipster vibe that is infiltrating many bars in Madrid. Even though it is anything but boring, it has retained some simplicity, which makes it a relaxing place to head to when the quirkiness and funkiness of this neighborhood is just too much. Apart from their more formal dining area, they have an amazing bar, where tourists can sit on the stools and order some of their great – and very affordable – drinks and tapas.

El Mandil, Calle Colón 5, Madrid, Spain +34 915 31 62 55

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Mala Fe Rock Bar

Those who are looking for a more electric soundtrack should head to Mala Fe Rock Bar, a great rock ’n’ roll locale in the heart of Malasaña. It is covered in posters and has a very cool interior. Even those who are not into rock music should give this bar a try, if not for its quirkiness then for its great value drinks. They also organize birthdays, events and parties for anyone interested in renting the space.

Mala Fe Rock Bar, Calle El Escorial 4, Madrid, Spain +34 676 19 24 59

Malasaña  | © Nicolas Vigier /Flickr
Malasaña | © Nicolas Vigier /Flickr
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Bar Cabreira

Bar Cabreira is situated in the vicinity of the Plaza Dos de Mayo, one of the most beautiful and significant landmarks in Malasaña. The bar’s terrace is always crowded with lively people, and the reason behind it is that it is not only a great bar, with an excellent selection of wines from Galicia and elsewhere, but that it also serves delicious tapas, inspired by Galician gastronomy. The sheer number of locals that come to visit this place means that it is not ideal for those who are in a hurry, but rather for visitors who would like to calmly experience Spanish culture.

Bar Cabreira, Calle de Ruiz 2, Madrid, Spain +34 915 93 02 00

A local beer | © Ken Hawkins
A local beer | © Ken Hawkins
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La Mezcaleria

This is the first Mezcaleria in Spain, and in fact in Europe; there are three others in Mexico managed by the same company. Mezcal is a traditional Mexican alcoholic drink that is obtained from the distillation of the maguey plant. La Mezcaleria is a great place to try a shot of mezcal for the first time, and visitors who find it too strong can always wash it down with one of their other delicious drinks.

La Mezcaleria, Calle San Vicente Ferrer 25, Madrid, Spain +34 681079750