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The 10 Best Bars In Madrid's Gran Vía

The 10 Best Bars In Madrid's Gran Vía

Picture of Sonia Cuesta de Andrés
Updated: 9 February 2017
The Gran Vía is one of the most vibrant areas in Madrid’s city center, with incredible shopping, great restaurants, and numerous historical sites. The area also has some of the best nightlife; here we explore 10 of the best bars in the Gran Vía.

Del Diego

Del Diego serves amazing cocktails in a lively, fun venue which is always busy. Those who want to snack whilst they drink can enjoy the concise yet elaborate tapas menu, and accompany their margarita, cosmopolitan or mojito with some typical Spanish food.

Del Diego, Calle de la Reina 12, Madrid, Spain +34 915 23 31 06

Copas Rotas

At Copas Rotas choose anything from soft drinks to great beers or sophisticated cocktails. There’s excellent tapas and the central location is makes this bar a great one to start a fun night out in the city.

Copas Rotas, Gran Via 47, Madrid, Spain +34 651161344

El Museo del Jamón

As misleading as its name might seem, this is not a museum but an excellent bar which serves delicious cured ham. There are other plentiful menu choices and good value drinks.

El Museo del Jamón, Gran Via 72, Madrid, Spain +34 915 41 20 23

Eneri Taberna Madrileña

A self-declared tavern, this venue has a modern, bright bar area and separate dining rooms. It is a great place to go for a beer, a vermouth – which the Spanish love – or some tapas, such as calamari, croquettes or their delicious meatballs.

Eneri Taberna Madrileña, Calle Tudescos 4, Madrid, Spain +34 915 23 12 08

El miniBAR

Located on the Cuesta Santo Domingo, a short five-minute walk from the Gran Vía, El MiniBAR serves dishes such as tuna tataki or crunchy wild-boar.

El miniBAR, Cuesta Santo Domingo 12, Madrid, Spain +34 616 00 97 04

La Luna 22

La Luna 22 is situated seconds away from the Gran Vía. You’ll find cute wooden tables and chairs which give the place a rustic feel. The food they serve is traditional and the drinks are top-notch.

La Luna 22, Calle Luna 22, Madrid, Spain +34 917 048 483


This locale’s name is just as fun and original as its interior, which is decorated in a vintage way, with colorful mismatched chairs and tables, bright flowers, romantic candles and interesting wallpaper. There is a great lounge area where tourists and locals will be able to enjoy their tasty drinks and scrumptious tapas whilst relaxing on one of the comfy sofas. Their tostas are to die for, and their little cakes and coffee are also worth trying.

Machaskka, Calle del Barco 15, Madrid, Spain +34 911703023


Sahara, a bar-restaurant, serves great African and Middle-Eastern. The quality, quantity and prices of the food are unbeatable. There’s also an excellent selection of drinks and a great atmosphere, with occasional live performers towards the end of the night.

Sahara, Calle Libreros 18, Madrid, Spain +34 911 88 72 37

Cuando Sali de Cuba

Cuando Sali de Cuba is a great Cuban bar. You’ll find traditional CUban food and excellent, authentic mojitos too.

Cuando Sali de Cuba, Calle de la Ternera 4, Madrid, Spain +34 915 22 93 18

Cerveceria Monje

This beer tavern specializes in beer and seafood, but they also have plenty of other options for delicious tapas. Their set lunch menu is a great choice for seafood-lovers, and at night the atmosphere and coziness of the place make it perfect for a relaxed night out.

Cerveceria Monje, Plaza Santo Domingo, Madrid, Spain +34 915484665