The 10 Best Bars In Córdoba, Spain

A street in Cordoba |© Pixabay
A street in Cordoba |© Pixabay
Photo of Valeria Nikonova
9 February 2017

Córdoba’s bars, which are plenty and scattered across the city, add to the character of the Andalusian city. Here is an extensive list of some of the top bars and traditional taverns in Córdoba.

Cerveceria Califa

Cerveceria Califa is an unusual place for Córdoba: it is the first craft brewery in the city. Owners Alejandro Díaz Lería and Rafael Serrano Benavente had developed an innovative recipe and have been producing six sorts of beer under the Califa brand, all of which are brewed in the cellar of the house. There are only a few ingredients, including barley malt, hops, yeast and water. Cervecería Califa is popular with beer lovers and locals, where they can find a perfect combination of beer for degustation and delicious gourmet tapas.

Cerveceria Califa, C/ Juan Valera, 3, Córdoba, +34 678 42 83 30

Cerveceria Califa | Image courtesy of Cerveceria Califa
Cerveceria Califa | Image courtesy of Cerveceria Califa

Taberna San Miguel (Casa El Pisto)

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Try the sausages at Casa El Pisto
Try the sausages at Casa El Pisto | © MonicaVolpin/pixabay

Believed to be an all-time favorite location for local gatherings, Taberna San Miguel dates back to the 1880s. The decorations include a nice display of historical photos on the wooden bar, and the interior reminds us of the typical Spanish taverns of the old days. The menu at Taberna San Miguel offers excellent quality pigs’ trotters and braised oxtail. The menu does not burst in countless number of plates, but the ones that presented are of the best quality.

Taberna Casa Pepe De La Judería

This tavern is a popular tourist spot and a classic meeting point for locals. Visitors enjoy indulging on quality tapas and great wines at the rooftop terrace with the views of the tower of the beautiful Mezquita Mosque. Some of the specialties chosen by chef Juan Pedro Secaduras include eggplant with honey and juicy Sephardic lamb. The gastronomical experience for anyone who decides to visit Taberna Casa Pepe De La Judería will be incredible, since the house ensures careful utilization of raw ingredients and natural food.

Taberna Casa Pepe De La Judería | Image courtesy of Taberna Casa Pepe De La Judería

El Tercio Viejo

This tiny tavern offers a different drinking experience compared to other Córdoban and Spanish taverns. It is a buzzing local hangout spot where you will be offered a tall tumbler with snails inside. Snails are a classic Córdoban delicacy and are served in a plate accompanied by a tall glass filled with spicy and minty broth: you have to remove snail’s meat using a toothpick and finish the meal by digesting the spicy liquid. A visit to El Tercio Viejo will be a real adventure for brave and bold personas.

El Tercio Viejo, Calle Enrique Redel, 19, Córdoba, Spain, +34 665 38 39 19

Bodegas Mezquita

Bodegas Mezquita is a classic Córdoban bar that offers a varied and fine selection of traditional tapas. It also features an in-house deli which is worth a visit. The interior of Bodegas Mezquita consists of whitewashed walls where old photos were hung for the historical record and for decorative purposes. Typical Córdoban tapas is what you will find here, including slow-braised oxtail, classical gazpacho soup, tuna and orange salad and creamy potato tortilla. Bodegas Mezquita is a perfect place for everyone, whether you are looking for a full meal or just want to relax from the sightseeing while sipping on the fine glass of carefully produced Andalusian wine.

Bodegas Mezquita | Image courtesy of Bodegas Mezquita

Garum 2.1

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Córdoba | © CameliaTWU/Flickr
Garum 2.1 has titled itself as a ‘bistronomic tapas bar’ that serves Córdoban cuisine with added innovative twists. This all occurs inside a small but lovely space, while in summer months tables and chairs stretch out on the street to accommodate more customers. The restaurant won the main award of Córdoba’s Gastronomic Festival in 2012. Garum offers incredible salmorejo with boiled egg and jamon with added chunks of jelly cubes made from wine. This place is worth visiting to meet up with friends for a drink, and is accompanied by good music.

Bar Santos

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Tortilla at Bar Santos
Tortilla at Bar Santos | © gaelx/Flickr

Conveniently located near the legendary Mezquita Mosque, Bar Santos has developed the exceptional quality of their speciality dish, which is fresh tortilla, an egg and potato pie that is well known beyond the borders of Córdoba. Apart from tortilla, the menu offers a variety of other dishes including Córdoban salmorejo. Bar Santos is recommended for a light lunch and a glass of beer or sangria, before you regain energy and go on to conquer Córdoba’s streets.

Atrio Café

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Potato and Chorizo Omelette
Potato and Chorizo Omelette | © Alpha/ Flickr
Atrio Café presents a different, more sophisticated and contrasting vibe from other classic eating and drinking establishments of Córdoba. This cafe and bar opened only a couple of years ago, but has already received warm reviews and praise. It has early opening times and will satisfy all types of customers, from those early birds looking for a cup of coffee before staring the new day, to night owls who prefer a good quality gin and tonic in creative, neon-lit space. Drinks are accompanied with supplementary canapes.

La Tinaja Restaurant

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La Tinaja Restaurant
La Tinaja Restaurant | Image courtesy of La Tinaja Restaurant
With a hard-to-beat location near the Guadalquivir river, the venue of La Tinaja creates an enjoyable and romantic atmosphere for customers. Owners Benjamin and Fuensanta Barrionuevo propose excellent recipes made from the best fresh ingredients, while the members of staff ensure that you will be served in a flawless manner. While at La Tinaja, try the white prawns, grilled or fried calamaris (both versions are very well cooked) and the fried eggplant molasses. This restaurant has great wine list, with local brands including white Viña Aljibes, pink Navarra Fortius and red Portia Prima Ribera as nice examples.

Taberna Rafalete

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This family-owned bar has the aim of providing home-style food and drinks at reasonable prices. Bar Rafalete prepares all food varieties from fresh ingredients, and among its best tapas dishes is the lettuce hearts with garlic. Bar Rafalete features a spacious open terrace, where customers can enjoy food and drinks while taking a delight at the fresh air and incredible views of the city.