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Spanish Startup Introduces World's First Blue Wine
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Spanish Startup Introduces World's First Blue Wine

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Updated: 23 June 2016
Red, white, rosé – thought these were the only colors your wine could come in? Think again. A group of young people in Spain have been working hard to revolutionize the viticultural color spectrum and have just launched the world’s first-ever blue wine.

Not content with the confines of traditional wine production and wanting to introduce something a little different to the Spanish viticultural scene, a group of young Spaniards have spent the past few years developing a wine which would stand out from the crowds. And suffice to say, it does exactly that seen as Gïk’s first cuvée is… blue!

Courtesy of Gïk
Courtesy of Gïk

Those wondering how this unusual color is achieved will be relieved to know that the deep blue hue of the wine comes from a combination of using the grapes’ skin in contact with the fermenting wine and the addition of indigo, a natural dye which is extracted from plants.

As for those wondering why the Gïk team decided to produce a blue wine, it seems it was nothing more than the simple desire to rebel against convention and introduce a breath of fresh air into the traditional world of Spanish wine-making. Or, in their own words, ‘we believe in the creative rebellion, we build new things, break with the past and create our future.’

Interestingly, none of the founders of Gïk had any prior experience or knowledge of wine-making, and this is something they’re proud of. It’s precisely because they had no prior experience that they hope to bring something entirely new to the world of wine and show the traditionalists that there’s room for a little maneuver.

Courtesy of Gïk
Courtesy of Gïk

As for what the drink tastes like, the only hint the team is willing to give is that we should forget all our previous expectations about wine and come ready to discover something new. We do know, however, that the drink has a certain sweetness to it, achieved by the addition of a natural sweetener.

Groundbreaking revolution or simple gimmick? It seems only time will tell; in the meanwhile, the Gïk team is already selling their first bottles across Europe and is hoping to hit the American market sometime very soon.