Spain Has Just Invented a Diet Avocado, and You'll Need to Book a Trip to Taste It

Avocado | © Pexels / Pixabay
Avocado | © Pexels / Pixabay
As avocado fever shows no sign of slowing down, one Spanish company has released a low-fat version of what is surely the world’s trendiest fruit. Could this be the answer to all our avocado-related dreams?
Avocado toast © FoodieFactor / Pixabay

Avocados have long been touted as one of the great modern superfoods, packed full of vitamins and healthy fats. They are said to be amazing for our complexions, and they contain powerful antioxidants. But a Spanish company is trying to improve on what many wellness bloggers already think of as perfection, by introducing a low-fat avocado.

Spanish produce company Eurobanan launched the Isla Bonita light avocado in early October, a version with 30% less fat than the regular fruit. “This variety has a mild flavour and a juicier and lighter pulp that makes it ideal for the preparation of smoothies, gazpachos, cocktails etc. So now, avocado can also be drunk”, said the company in a statement, perhaps heralding the next big avocado craze. Avocado cocktail, anyone?

The fruit are imported mainly from South and Central America, where avocados generally have a lower fat content. According to Eurobanan, light avocados are grown naturally in certain tropical areas with very specific climates in Central and South America, such as in Ecuador. To make sure the avocados comply with the low-fat claim, the fruit are subjected to exhaustive tests in independent laboratories.

Avocados ©sandid/Pixabay

Another big bonus of the new avocado is that it takes longer to go off, so gone are the days of cutting one open and being greeted with a brown, mushy mess.

But how can you get your hands on this new and improved superfood? Unfortunately, Isla Bonita avocados are only being trialled in Spain, so you’ll have to book a ticket there if you’d like to taste one anytime soon. The avocados will be on sale in Spanish supermarkets such as Hipercor and Supercor, as well as in the food section of the country’s biggest department store, El Corte Inglés.