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Sex Party or Empowerment? Hotel Welcomes Invite-Only Party for Bisexual Women

Picture of Nadia Elysse
US Editorial Team Lead
Updated: 2 October 2017
Genevieve LeJeune says she started Skirt Club in 2014 after having attended co-ed “play parties” with an ex-boyfriend and realizing that the expression of sexuality at those parties served him and not her.

“I started Skirt Club because I felt women did not have enough of their own spaces,” LeJeune says. “I wanted women to feel liberated and make decisions about their sexuality true to their own desires.”

Hotel Es Vivé, an award-winning boutique hotel with a newly renovated bar, will host an upcoming Skirt Club adventure in Ibiza from October 12-15. Skirt Club had its first party in London and has since expanded to New York, Miami, Berlin, Sydney, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The women’s only, private party is marketed to “bicurious and bisexual women” who want to “feel liberated to express their sexuality.”

Only members are invited to the party, and must abide by the rules: “no photos, no men, and the most absolute respect for one another.” There’s no dress code and, even on its website, Skirt Club sounds like a no-holds-barred sex party for women. However, LeJeune says that’s not what Skirt Club is about.

“This is a safe space for ladies to explore their sexuality by meeting other women of a bi-curious and bisexual nature,” LeJeune says. “That can be with cocktails, dancing to our fabulous female DJs, dress-up in the photobooth and our favorite game, Body Tequila. It’s very much a sexy party with the opportunity to take it further.”

LeJuene hopes women who attend Skirt Club parties walk away not only feeling sexy, but empowered as well.

“We have a motto at Skirt Club: ‘Confidence in the bedroom leads to confidence in the boardroom,’” LeJuene says. “Often we receive beautiful emails of thanks from our members who walk away with a sense of newness and strength. It takes a brave lady to attend our events, often alone, to discover a side of herself unexplored. Our objective is to build women’s confidence and give them a voice. This is their opportunity to freely explore at their own pace.”