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Meet The Photographer Kyle Diorio
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Meet The Photographer Kyle Diorio

Picture of Anna Jauhola
Updated: 24 April 2017
Meet Kyle Diorio, an inspiring photographer originally from New Jersey, USA. Kyle, who has been based in Barcelona for the past five years, graduated from the Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona. The artist’s body of work varies from ethereal to witty, and can be attributed to the multitude of cultures and sensations that he’s been privy to: Kyle has traveled to over 30 countries and worked with international clients from all over Europe and the Americas. He has worked in the music, fashion and surfing industries over the last ten years, with Grammy Award-winning musical artists such as Dubfire and Paul Van Dyk. He has also worked with Surf companies such as REEF, as well as boutique fashion brands from Germany, Spain and Iceland. Find out more about Kyle’s work here. You can also find Kyle on Instagram, Facebook and on Behance.
Kyle Diorio I © Kyle Diorio, Mustafa Burak Aytekin
Kyle Diorio | © Kyle Diorio, Mustafa Burak Aytekin

What is the most unusual request you’ve had?

I took on an event photography job for 200 Israeli lawyers on a team-building weekend in Barcelona. I watched 18-year-old temps to senior partners to old ladies getting hammered for two days straight, so that was interesting. Some of them were taking my camera from me and insisting to take my picture, some only had the mission of feeding me drinks, I think I even quit a couple times in the process, overall it was just very demanding and tiring mentally. The dance-floor had its moments though…


What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

In the beginning, before you can really let your work ‘do the talking,’ know how to sell yourself in a polite and cool way, but also with confidence. Network with the right kinds of people and even give away your work in exchange for experience when the right opportunity comes around… but know when to draw the line on that as well. Building trust is also essential, because a clean name paired with a good work ethic will take you further than anything. It’s a process, so just keep a clear and level head, and remember that work builds on work, one photo or one project at a time; and that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points.


What’s next?

I am going to try and spend more time living in Portugal, as I just love it over there. I will go work for a multidisciplinary studio called FRAMA, and also try to develop my own project on the side focusing a bit more on surf culture.

Barcelona, Spain I © Kyle Diorio
Barcelona, Spain | © Kyle Diorio

What is your dream project?

To have a nice girl and a dog, and document them while we travel and live our lives together.


What is the most memorable moment from your career?

I held a conference at the Apple Store in Barcelona back in 2013. My best friends from university and even my dad was there in the audience to hear me share some insights about my development in art and design over the years. To be recognized by an institution such as Apple, to share some stories amongst friends and strangers, and to pay homage to the city of Barcelona with such a platform was really such a unique experience.


If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

My grandfather (on my dad’s side). He passed away in the 70s, so I never met him, but I heard he was really special.

Peniche, Portugal I © Kyle Diorio
Peniche, Portugal | © Kyle Diorio

How would you describe your work in 80 characters?

Mediterranean and minimal, filled with light and a sense of melancholic optimism.


Axwell or Avicii? For sure, neither.

Skateboard or Scooter? Vespa.

Roman Polanski or Stanley Kubrick? Kubrick.

Ibiza, Spain I © Kyle Diorio
Ibiza, Spain | © Kyle Diorio

Mac or PC? Mac.

TCT: New York or Paris? New York.

Sea or Mountain? Sea.

Wine or Beer? Wine.

Nazaré, Portugal I © Kyle Diorio
Nazaré, Portugal | © Kyle Diorio


By Anna Jauhola